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Good tips to make money, prepare for the next up season

This season, if you’re hungry, don’t buy or sell anything, it’s convenient to share with you how to plow the airdrop that I often use, find and do it myself unlike anyone else. Before, I also got about 25k $ from the airdrop but now I’m lazy so I don’t do it anymore, but actually This season, you guys are hungry, the project is also hungry so it’s not as good as the bull season (You read it from now on until the bull season) 1: follow tele this guy See who raised get about 15M$ or more (Because they raise a lot of $, they can have money to pump liquid). Follow them on twitter, join discord and then they have something, I do it from testnet, join discord whitelist, mint free nft etc. 2: Layer 1, layer 2, the following ways are usually airdrop + retro is the most $ _ Create its wallet is the first one =)) _ Run node, validator brothers who have vps and know some code, if you let the test run the node, just plug in _ Bridge: Almost guys L1, L2 all have airdrops for its bridge users. If you have a bridge, then use your $ to do whatever, then read on item 3 _ Do the task it assigns, participate in the vote, go to discord to be an ambassador 3: Dapp Choose which child looks reputable from that eco, how to do it There are the following ways _ Mint NFT _ Pumping LP (I use this method most probably) _ Test Dapp _ Go to discord or tele to make a whitelist 4: Follow these guys temporarily if you have time, do all their instructions. _ (This guy eats almost 90% of the biggest air in the cryoto market) but it’s a picture he posted it’s a copy of, I don’t know, because 1 person I find it difficult can cover as many as this guy _ _ _ 5: Cex Cheat, abuse this way If you’re a boss, you don’t have to guide anymore =)) There are many ways to follow guys online, there are instructions so I won’t rewrite it. In the end, you should put yourself as a user to make air, it will be easier Let’s see if you have free time the tokenomics section to see if it has a share of tokens for the community (Sometimes in medium posts they still reveal that there is air) Make a separate wallet to do airdrop, follow my way to avoid scams for the most part . Using twitter, stay away from posts where they tag you in the airdrop, whitelist, free mint. Collected on twitter, share it with everyone to earn money with airdrop.

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