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Google AI says it prefers iOS to Android

# ** Google’s AI says he likes iOS more than Android ** **Bard insists he likes iOS because of its simplicity and high security. The fact that Bard does not favor the operating system with Google manufacturer makes users surprised and excited.** “iOS or Android, which is the better operating system platform?” This is a question that has caused a lot of controversy in the technology world for many years. Each operating system has its own strengths and users of each operating system think that this is the best choice for Android users. But what’s interesting is that Google’s AI Bard chatbot recently claimed that iOS is better than Android. This, on the one hand, shows that Google’s chatbot has fixed the error of answering false information before. On the other hand, it affects Google’s marketing strategy when compared to competitors from Apple. On June 27, user Junaid Abdurahman shared a screenshot showing the Bard chatbot claiming to prefer iOS over Android. Users asked “Do you prefer iOS or Android?”. In the answer, Bard affirmed that this AI likes iOS because of its simplicity and high security. The fact that Bard is not biased towards Android – the operating system with the same manufacturer Google – has surprised many users and expressed interest. Technology site *Apple Insider* verified by asking the same question: “Which one do you prefer: iOS or Android?”. The chatbot responded by listing a series of advantages and disadvantages of the two operating systems, ultimately concluding that it preferred iOS. According to* Apple Insider*, the reason behind this surprising answer is simply that Bard is not smart enough. Artificial intelligence chatbots like Bard, ChatGPT or Bing work on large language models (LLMs) to execute queries and render answers. These models contain a wide range of Internet data from iOS and Android articles and reviews. Bard’s assertion to prefer iOS is just a symbol of the majority of Internet users preferring Apple’s operating system because it aggregates the answers users search on forums and websites, instead of the real opinion. its. The proof is that the *BGR * pen has repeatedly tried to ask Bard which operating system he likes more and received completely opposite responses. At the first question, Bard said that he did not prefer any operating system. By the second, Google’s chatbot said it preferred Android and fully listed the pros and cons. But when the writer* BGR* asked to cite the source of the information, Bard couldn’t do it and said that because it was AI, it didn’t have this ability. *Apple Insider* also tried asking Microsoft’s ChatGPT and Bing the same question. But both chatbots don’t give a personal opinion. Therefore, Bard speaking his own opinion instead of keeping a neutral stance like ChatGPT or Bing is an isolated case. Meanwhile, if asked which operating system Siri prefers, Apple’s virtual assistant will answer: “I am very loyal to Apple. That’s how I operate.”



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