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Google has Pixel Fold, when will Apple have iPhone Fold?

## **This year, Google has its first folding screen smartphone – Pixel Fold, so where is Apple’s foldable iPhone?** 2023 has seen a series of new folding screen smartphones launch, including Motorola Razr+ and Google Pixel Fold. Meanwhile, later this month, (Samsung)( will hold an Unpacked event to introduce the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 pairs. And yet, OnePlus will announce a foldable phone later this year, making Apple the only major phone maker in the US that doesn’t have a foldable smartphone. And outside of the US, Huawei and Xiaomi already have foldable phones. **So where is Apple’s foldable iPhone?** The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are 10 months old and despite rumors and speculation, the company has yet to confirm that one is in development. iPhone foldable screen. This is especially curious as Samsung continues to improve its foldable phone line to the 5th generation. Currently, experts are not sure if “Apple House” will produce the iPhone Fold or iPhone Flip. For years, Apple didn’t announce products until they were ready. Next, “Apple Defect” often positions the product as a solution to a problem, emphasizing quality and innovation. Galaxy Z Fold mainly brings interesting and sophisticated design elements, but users will have to sacrifice a lot of common features, including: battery life, durability, software experience and price. The Galaxy Z Flip solves the problem of portability but has some of the same downsides as the Galaxy Z Fold, especially in terms of battery life and camera quality. In fact, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has taken a significant step forward with its large home screen and support for the addition of the S Pen. And the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s improved Flex Mode for apps has made it even more useful. If Apple releases a foldable iPhone, what problem will the product solve? The expected product could be the iPhone Flip, which replaces the iPhone 13 Mini by offering a large screen but still affordable? If it is an iPhone Fold, the product will be like an iPad Mini that can be folded in half, the size when folded will be only the size of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. **iPhone Fold Rumors** In January 2021, analyst Mark Gurman said, Apple “started early work on an iPhone with a folding screen, a potential rival to the devices Samsung.” And in May of the same year, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said, “Apple may launch a foldable iPhone with an 8-inch QHD Plus flexible OLED display in 2023.” However, in April 2023, the source corrected it, pushing the launch time to 2025. **How ​​to make a foldable iPhone** In 2021, research firm Omdia reports , 11.5 million foldable phones have been shipped. Apple sells hundreds of millions of iPhones each year. So, if the company is to produce a foldable iPhone, the company must make sure it can produce the same quality phone and in sufficient quantity to meet demand. That’s because every time Apple introduces a radical change in hardware – for example the 2014 iPhone 6 Plus and its larger screen, the products often sell out quickly. Next, the folding screen iPhone is very complicated. Folding phones have many parts that are prone to malfunction or wear and tear, such as hinge components that help prevent dust and various layers behind the folding screen. This happened with the original Galaxy Fold. If a foldable iPhone is in development, Apple could innovate its design to minimize the parts and mechanisms involved, making the phone less prone to damage. The Cupertino company has a great track record in this area. **iOS and iPadOS in need of an upgrade** In terms of software, Apple will have to sync with the hardware and create new functionality to take advantage of the folding screen. In recent years, iOS and iPadOS have been far different as Apple created many features specifically for the iPad but didn’t make sense on the iPhone. A foldable iPhone, especially in the style of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, will require a combination of the two operating systems. Or Apple will have to develop a new software platform that can switch between tablet and phone modes. On the other hand, “Bad Apple” could develop a unique software feature (like iMessage or Portrait Mode) to make the foldable phone stand out more. **How ​​much would iFan pay for a foldable iPhone?** Folding phones don’t come cheap. After many discounts, Galaxy Z Fold 4 is priced from VND 29.49 million and Galaxy Z Flip 4 is priced from VND 15.99 million. While an iPhone 14 Pro already costs VND 24.59 million, how much can the price of a folding screen iPhone go up to? To make a foldable iPhone a success, Apple will need to create a design that can solve engineering problems, accommodate production scale without sacrificing quality, and develop hardware alongside software to get the most out of the design. And of course, iFans who want to have the most novel and advanced experience will have to pay the high price of this “super product”.



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