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Google Play for NFT in-app purchases

**New Google Play policy allows app developers to integrate digital assets into games, including NFT (non-fungible tokens).** Product Manager (Google Play )(https:/ / Mills highlights game developers must maintain transparency and adhere to the principles. The new policy will allow developers to reimagine traditional games with user-owned content and “retain” them through rewards (NFT)( cam-tang-nft-va-tien-so-de-quang-cao-185230614180115397.htm) unique, Mr. Mills said. According to *CoinTelegraph*, developers must clearly state information about this feature in the game description. In addition, game developers may not promote or induce users to earn money through gaming or trading activities, nor may they sell in-game loot boxes or allow players to gamble. The above regulation is intended to ensure that users new to the NFT are not tricked into buying these assets in the belief that they can yield huge profits, which is a common practice in the NFT market. Google Play said it is testing the new policy with some developers and is expected to apply it later this year. Google Play is partnering with Web 3.0 gaming leaders to establish new policies and work with app developers to capture new challenges and opportunities. According to *CoinDesk*, Reddit Senior Technical Director Matt Williamson, one of the partners helping Google to update the policy, said this will create a level playing field to promote user trust and usage. Use blockchain technology responsibly. Contrary to Google, Apple still takes a cautious stance towards the digital asset ecosystem. Users can only buy NFT through the in-app purchase system according to the company’s regulations. In October 2022, Apple said NFTs purchased outside of the App Store must not offer any special benefits to players, or the app will be banned. In addition, NFTs sold through games on the app store must pay a 30% fee to Apple.



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