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Google Play Store will have new improvements to make it easier for you to decide to install apps

**Android was originally developed as a mobile operating system for (smartphones)(, but it quickly expanded to work on many different devices. In the near future, the famous mobile application store Google Play Store will have a new improvement, giving users a better overview of what applications will be like when installed on different devices, let’s find out together (24h Technology)( to find out!** Nowadays, users can use Android applications on smart watches (https://smartwatch/tablet)(https://smartwatch/tablet)( ://, or even (laptop)(, (PC)(, folding screen devices and of course smartphones. The Google Play Store is responsive to all of the above, but buying or installing a new app on another device sometimes the Google Play Store doesn’t show you the full information you’d expect. So the new filter tags (chips) for the app listing on the Google Play Store could be useful. The @AssembleDebug Twitter account has noticed that the Google Play Store is testing a new set of tags below the app settings. This feature allows you to choose from a variety of devices such as smartphones, TVs, smartwatches, tablets and Chromebooks. Depending on your selection, the list will change slightly. App reviews and stars will now be displayed according to the device type the user selects, including screenshots will be displayed related to the device you selected. @AssembleDebug surmise that this is an extra feature to make the “Install on other devices” feature more useful. You can access the feature by tapping the down arrow next to the settings button on the Google Play Store listing. Since it allows you to install an app on one or more different devices at once, you can quickly check if it works well on a tablet or Chromebook to make an easier decision. Google Play *Twitter users discover a new Google Play Store feature (Image: Twitter)* The same filter tabs as the “Other devices tab” that appear on the main screen of the Google Play Store also allow you to filter similarly. Currently, the filter tags in the application list do not appear to be live or widely deployed. Similar to many other features that @AssembleDebug discovered, this new filter tag can be enabled with a developer hidden feature, which gives us a better overview of upcoming new features.



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