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Google refuses to be transparent about AI algorithm

# ** Google refuses to be transparent about AI algorithms** Alphabet shareholders asked Google to be transparent about AI and content recommendation algorithms, but the company refused. The request was made by Trillium Asset Management, a shareholder of Alphabet, at the 2023 annual meeting held by the parent company of (Google)(https://vnexpress.net/chu-de/google-1539) this week. This. Trillium raised concerns about how the algorithm could lead to dangerous results in areas such as justice and medicine. For example, in 2019, an investigation found that YouTube’s content recommendation algorithm promoted radicalization in a New Zealand shooter. “Accountability and transparency in artificial intelligence are essential to knowing if the technology is safe for society,” Trillium argues. This shareholder owns 135 million USD of shares of the company. Last year, the fund made a similar request to Alphabet, before the ChatGPT craze emerged. However, Google objected to the request. The company claims to have publicly disclosed information about its algorithm on its website, such as information about how the YouTube algorithm sorts content. However, with proprietary algorithms, these are fundamental to a company’s business operations and in addition, they can be abused if in the wrong hands. “Any review of algorithmic transparency needs to take into account the serious risks that information could be exploited by malicious actors, user privacy could be compromised, and sensitive information could be compromised.” commercial sensitivities may be exposed,” Google explains the objection. Google CEO Sundar Pichai assessed that (AI)(https://vnexpress.net/chu-de/tri-tue-nhan-tao-ai-1980) will have the potential to impact all fields, including healthcare and companies are approaching AI responsibly. “We’ve spent 7 years on our journey as an AI-first company and have worked for a long time to bring AI into our products, to make them more useful. “, Pichai said. The request for transparency raised by Trillium is raised in the context of AI technologies causing many concerns in the technology world. In May, one of the pioneers of AI (Geoffrey Hinton)(https://vnexpress.net/ong-trum-ai-roi-google-en-lo-so-hiem-hoa-ai-4600358.html ) has left Google and issued a public warning about the dangers of next-generation AI-based chatbots. Earlier, in 2020, Timnit Gebru, the leader of Google’s AI team, was also fired after discovering that the company’s algorithms existed sexist and racist.



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