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Google wants to take ‘airplane mode’ to the next level

# **Google wants to take ‘airplane mode’ to the next level** **Google has just applied for a patent called “Enable connected airplane mode”, which aims to bring airplane mode (Airplane) on phones to the next level.** According to *PhoneArena*, although users already know how activating airplane mode on phones works, Google’s patent would require The device’s sensors determine if you’re flying by detecting changes in acceleration and speed, pressure drops, and listening for certain sounds. The patent application shows that Connected Airplane Mode triggers include environmental factors such as pressure drops and changes in acceleration and velocity; cabin sounds such as flight engines, sonar signals from aircraft headlights, various radio signals (GPS, cellular ID, Wi-Fi signals) and contextual factors such as activity Automatic flight booking… Once the device determines that the user is in flight, Connected Flight mode will automatically be activated for the purpose of turning off the radio on the mobile device when connected to a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signal -Fi of the plane. Currently, if you turn on airplane mode on your phone, all connections will be disabled including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but you can turn them on after turning on airplane mode. When Connected Flight mode is enabled, based on what is shown in the patent, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections remain active for in-flight use. Google still needs more time to make it more perfect before bringing this feature to Android users.



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