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Google’s Chatbot AI can talk, promises to be far ahead of ChatGPT

## **Instead of giving written responses, Google’s AI Bard can now respond to users by voice.** Google recently added some valuable new features to its intelligent chatbot. Bard’s artificial intelligence. Accordingly, Bard is now updated with expanded language knowledge, capable of controlling responses with more nuances, especially the ability to respond by voice. Now, Bard can chat with users in Arabic, German, Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, and more. Chatbot has also extended its support to many other regions such as Brazil and throughout Europe. When using Bard, users can choose Listen to hear the chatbot’s voice, or select Use Microphone to use the voice and ask the chatbot to provide the information you need. These new features will support up to 40 languages ​​around the world. The chatbot is also capable of interpreting the images inserted into the conversation. However, this feature is currently only available in the English language. Notably, the ability to write programming code of this AI is also getting richer. Starting July 13, Bard users will be able to export Bard-generated Python code to the new platform. They will also be able to copy and share parts of private chats with other users.



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