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Google’s Super AI can speak Vietnamese

**Users can interact with Google Bard in Vietnamese, including text and voice.** On July 13, Google announced that it added 40 languages ​​to support on Bard, including Vietnamese and Vietnamese. popular languages ​​like Hindi, Chinese, Arabic, German and Spanish. “I have been trained with a huge dataset of text and code. I can translate Vietnamese to English and vice versa, as well as create creative Vietnamese text, such as poetry, code, scripts, music, email, mail,” Bard described himself after the new update. Google also says this is the “biggest expansion ever” of this super AI. Currently the tool supports 46 languages, can be accessed from nearly 200 countries and territories. It also partnered with experts, policymakers and privacy regulators to expand its reach. In addition to written feedback, (Bard)( has Google integrated text-to-speech capability. speak and read right on the tool. Users can choose a response tone, with five styles: simple, long, short, professional, and casual. In addition, Google’s AI adds the ability to download photos and ask AI to describe. However, this feature only supports English. These changes are also Bard’s difference from the ( like ChatGPT or Bing AI. Launched in February when rival ChatGPT has reached more than hundred million users, Google’s (AI )( has been criticized because of slow launch, feedback (incorrect)( Shares of parent company Google fell 8% shortly after Bard appeared. However, recently, this chatbot is considered to be more advanced, when it can handle both math and programming problems. The new update also supports exporting Python code to Replit.



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