Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Hello guys, now SGN Capital I introduce to you a website that helps to summarize all Investment Funds in Crypto, it also provides statistics on how much projects are calling for capital.

With this website, you can quickly update information on the situation of Investment Funds, in addition, this page also provides. – Where is the project raising capital from? Which round? – Which investment fund is contributing capital? Which round? How is the Fund’s investment portfolio distributed? >>>> Know the taste of the investment fund. – Which project is testingnet. >>> hunt for Airdrop, testnet… – Which project is planning to launch.>>> watch to join IDO – Statistics of existing projects in the ecosystem. …. This is a very powerful website for research, saving a lot of time researching and synthesizing information. Details about the website and video tutorials, I leave it in the comments, because the post restricts the posting of links.

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