Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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(Help corner) ~ I hope you can review and approve the post for me.

My Metamask wallet has a bot that automatically withdraws money. Every time you transfer money to your wallet, after 3 seconds the money will be transferred to another wallet. Because this wallet before I participated in many IDO and Airdrop, I need to keep it to claim the token gradually but I can’t give up the wallet. Thanks to Mr. Ryan and AE in the group, is there any way to remove or block the bot from the wallet, please help me. I would like to thank a lot sir! p/s: This is the Hacker wallet address “0xe432d61a90604AEF42C65d2c7f6565006dd29FE6” I have a quick look at more than 10,000 wallets it can hack, so AE should be careful before approving any platform.

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