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Hi brother/sister:

Today I want to give you some information about XVS I want information about $XVS : Venus is researched and developed by the Swipe project team (SXP recently had a very good growth kiki) and Binance . Protocol revenue grew for the third consecutive quarter and outstripped XVS Incentives by $1.1M (I just read BCTT evening 5/4/2023) Fund 1/2023 XVS Incentives have decreased another 50%, resulting in a total reduction of 75% over a four-month period. In response to Paxos halting BUSD minting at the direction of NYDFS, BNB Chain swapped $63 million worth of frozen BUSD debt for USDT through upgraded vToken contracts, mitigating risks liquidity from BSC Token Hub operator’s excessive position (not very relevant but I still mention it) (Additional picture 1 recently CZ wanted to drive the crowd to the DEX but I played whose dex ( I’m sure you mean you have good liquidity where are you guys playing!!) Venus is a decentralized money market protocol on the BNB Chain that facilitates the deposit and borrowing of other cryptocurrencies Interest rates for these assets are algorithmically set using an updated trigger rate model based on the ratio of assets deposited to loans. BNB has undergone the most impactful changes , where the torsion is lowered and the multiplier, jump factor and reserve factor are increased.These changes resulted in an increase in the maximum borrowing rate from 80% to 261.2% and the ratio. maximum supply from 64% to 162.1%. The change was made just four days before the start of the most recent Binance Launchpad event, where 37% of Q1 revenue was generated in just five days. (Figure 2) In a nutshell: Venus and the broader DeFi ecosystem faced new headwinds in Q1, but the protocol managed to maintain its value and position as the money market protocol top on the BNB Chain. Q1 saw an increase in interest revenue, while the adjustment of interest rate parameters for key assets, including BNB, CAKE and various stablecoins, is expected. will increase revenue in the future. The rollout of the stability fee for VAI at the end of Q4 2022 proved successful in Q1, leading to anticipation of further VAI minting. When BUSD goes down, Venus is ready to leverage its native stablecoin VAI, which retains 100% of the interest revenue for the protocol. The rollout of Venus V4 features is likely to continue into Q2, and a potential cross-chain rollout for Polygon is also imminent. Hope this information will be useful I look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions in gr! Wish you have good growth investments in the next season (ALL INFORMATION IS A COPY OF DOCUMENT AND NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE, PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH ALL INFORMATION AND MAKE A RIGHT DECISION ON YOURSELF Sincerely yours)

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