Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Hi everyone, are you busy and don’t have time to follow the market? Then don’t worry there is MOSO

**Daily Alpha** ## Funding * Hadean raises $5 million for metaverse infrastructure solutions solutions/ * Former Google employee’s AI chatbot raises $150 million from-a16z.html * Negentropy Capital invested 500k USD in her Ai * Web3 Contango Digital Assets announced the completion of a seed funding round $1.2 million -to-Help-Build-Web3-Infrastructure.html- ## **Update ** * Fantom Foundation announced some new features for Fantom fWallet fantom-wallet-is-here/ * Avalanche will issue Cortina upgrade code and then activate this upgrade ancheavax/cortina-x-chain-linearization-a1d9305553f6 * Klaytn has launched Metaverse Knowledge seamless-metaverse-c8375688f80e * Phantom introduces priority premium on Solana ## **News** * Web3 Studio Overlord exploits rotation games played by Dan Houser support to build NFT games * Dream Idols, project virtual idol VR meta-universal, will start the first intern contest on March 24 * DWF Labs announces strategic partnership with NULS https:// * CHF stablecoin backed 1:1 by a Swiss bank backed-11-by-a-swiss-bank/ * Cosmos Quasar-based DeFi protocol to get started u Mainnet * Infura opens NFT API and Its SDK for all users **Good news: Do Kwon has been arrested, and the report is in 8 counts were also announced in Manhattan court (USA).**

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