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Hi everyone, hope you all have a great weekend. This post reminds everyone to make Air zkSync!!!

# **zkSync Airdrop Overall Plan (Part 1)** # Interaction with the zkSync Lite network zkSync raise >$300M, in March confirmed token launch in about 1 year Airdrop will be soon!!! Hurry up and farm the Air **1/ Make a bridge to transfer money from ETH to zkSync Lite** zkSync has 2 networks, zkSync Lite and zkSync Era, in this part we will interact with the zkSync Lite network first – Access the zkSync Lite bridge: ( Top Up **2/ Online interaction zkSync Lite** – Visit: ( .php? mSpaQCXrtK3r4YxWFAmI8_IvcKBkvaNx1vxwz4m1QNz46YwlIbEioHtPW2WKgqvUyjYC3XkaTsWwKs2tZkk6sEEopX2dyJsQFvrGO&__tn5DVrGO&__tn5d0=5B-740% suj88fx-7rV6WnhyuAfmCV67FO95WsqMelzMce6aMxOcsVkpAAQg7cJeTfW3MQVWfEoe83rsUvbfO9q3UjStVjnBTIksO6Z5tHvryF0wOxU7nWCneZyTCagQyv) select zkSync Lite network – Select trading pair, then Buy and sell (Similar to CEXs) **3/ Mint NFT directly on zkSync Lite** **a. Get CID from Pinata** – Go to: ( 3DIwAR1OFFqy6byjN1cJEPb5yajgyicMTE8tSf5Q2E0alsfj2qvMTQ36mi56rHA&h=AT3fzm3IgZn7caz-cok3EbV8L3XtqUfspFw7x3sBncc-hEDBeMd-w4-cedq EN4gB3GEsLP7MFDosIuZLLYP41nmx_dKz8QAW0xnGzr8ec8BC8Ewux&__tn__=-UK-R&c%5B0%5D=AT1xqlpy0VrEriDfdX-374asuj88fx-7rV6WnhyuAQMtsqMCV67 W3MQVWfEoe83rsUvbfO9q3UjStVjnBTIksO6Z5tHvryF0wOxU7nWCneZyTCagQyvHBvnJQuMntAEaEepxaFk20) click Start Building, select Creator – In Dashboard select Add file – Select 1 random image file upload period – CID code will appear, ae copy this code **b/ Mint NFT on zkSync from Pinata’s CID** – Access: ( 4z_BnRyIIUcKyOO2t0oProiJgfrdJ2IU_erFE_9FHXv3LXEF5qLllN_y8AFJROUm56vpJdKCtONwpxGBIq_qO-d8gVj_NdwwCw-qzTPjpXEYjr5jpXEYjr5xD__=%UK1xDYBKEK=% rEriDfdX -374asuj88fx-7rV6WnhyuAfmCV67FO95WsqMelzMce6aMxOcsVkpAAQg7cJeTfW3MQVWfEoe83rsUvbfO9q3UjStVjnBTIksO6Z5tHvryF0wOxUagJIDMvAEZy just now you copied it – Click Authorize to mint NFT, then confirm it is done **5/ AFTER DONE YOU CAN USE ORBITER TO START INTERACT WITH Network ZKYNC ERA ** Access: ( ( & h = AT0X9RZT-1DSmNaSUzv065pw30cDDUlC9CfO15EKN6U5HCD9HMHbXphatuut18x-pqQm5oTohExpApeGAsIrn2x4vPbZwZVsX2U0ZyZhF_DBS3RKLWtL2Jy__Gmp -UK-R&c%5B0%5D=AT1xqlpy0VrEriDfdX-374asuj88fx-7rV6WnhyuAfmCV67FO95WsqMelzMce6aMxOcsVkpAAQg7cJeTfW3MQVWfEoe83rsUvbfO9WCUvbfO9Q5OZUjStOry agQyvHBvnJQuMntAEaEepxaFk20), connect a wallet, choose a network from zkSync Lite to zkSync Era Later we will interact with zkSync Era Love u, Quick hand let’s do Air but don’t forget to optimize gas fee

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