Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Hi everyone, I’m Dipper

** Brothers who are plowing **testnet without ETH Goerli**, please read this (#Testnet)( (#ETH)(https:/ / For those who specialize in cheats, buy Goerli ETH with real ETH to plow the airdrop at the following web: ( ) Currently 10$ can buy 51 ETH Goerli for you guys to plow. And if you like free, the list is below: ( (http: // ( (http://faucets. ( (http://goerli-faucet. ( ( =5)( ( ( )(https ( ( .co/QzibwmwPR8) ( Remember that free is sometimes a long wait. So it’s best to spend 4 5 bowls of pho to plow for comfort

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