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Hi everyone, I’m Dipper

Only 6 days left until Polygon zkEVM is ready We may see the next growth of this ecosystem Here are some projects in this ecosystem that I like ($QUICK)( , ($GAMMA)(, ($GNS)(https://, ($IDEX)( **1, QuickSwap – ($QUICK)(https:/ /** * MC: $46M * TVL : $158M * Top Dex on Polygon. Recently, QuickSwap introduced V3 Auto-Managed Farms on Gamma * $QUICK listed Binance and made Dex so the cash flow was the most **2, Gamma Strategies – $GAMMA** * Yield Farming using liquidity management and market making strategies to maximize profits * MC : $9M * TVL : $38M (including $33M in Polygon) * Total transaction fee : $8.86M * I think ($GAMMA)(https: // is quite undervalued when it has revenue on par with market capitalization * Project Backed by GSR , The Spartan Group, 1kx, Maven11, … * Tokenomic of $ GAMMA is not very good, only receive 10% transaction fee ~ 800K$ but if % reward increases in the future it will be quite delicious **3, Gains Network – $GNS ** * Derivatives exchange with $32B trading volume * MC : $200M+ * Anyone who plays Arbitrum system is familiar with this item * Currently, the project is still prioritizing Arbitrum after the TVL on this side has spiked * Already listed on Binance, so the line money in Less than **4, IDEX – $IDEX ** * MC : $40M * Hybrid Liquidity DEX: Order Book + AMM * TVL : $20M with $3B trading volume * Just launched Idex v4. Perp Trading with x100 leverage * This one is no different from Binance shitcoin. Binance whales sometimes blow this one even more than $QUICK **Binding News **: About a month ago, Polygon co-founder **Sandeep Nailwal followed Jump. **Currently $MATIC in Jump wallet is in the top 3 only after $ETH and $SHIB. The ambition of this party is extremely high, which is to reach the top 3 by capitalization. Although there are many partners: Starbuck, Reddit, Adidas,… Polygon is still lagging much behind Arbitrum Assuming, Polygon can’t resurrect after the upcoming zkEVM update, this is a dilemma when the Foundation’s funds fund There are signs of loss after purchasing ecosystem projects. Indiscriminate spending has affected the burn rate and forced Polygon to lay off some employees => If TVl is not pushed, $MATIC may no longer have a chance to compete with $ARBI Read more Cyprus Please 1 like, share and follow

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