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Hi mng, as promised I made a video tutorial

# **Detailed video on how to do Retroactive to receive zkSync Airdrop.** The video below shows you the basic steps of interacting with the zkSync network such as: Bridge, Swap, Add Liquid. Currently, the fee of zkSync is being pushed up very high by FOMO, around 0.x$ per swap order. Everyone, please save the video and wait for about 2 weeks to 1 month when it cools down to save the fee. Moreover, the zkSync Era network has just been mainnet recently, so the ecosystem is still incomplete, not many big d/Apps have been deployed. People can check which d/Apps have been deployed and not yet deployed on the zkSync ecosystem here: The video below I interact with some d/Apps such as: SyncSwap, Orbiter, Mute, .. Everyone remember to check the zkSync ecosystem and for each d/App please make 1-5 transactions and execute appear regularly from now on, every week or every month to do 1 command on each d/App is fine. About the cost: Depending on the budget of each person, I recommend 500$ for those who have money, to be able to make the volume higher. For those of you who do not have a lot of money to plow the trading volume, you can spend $ 20-50 to do it. Each current transaction of about 0.x$ fee can perform more than a few dozen transactions, interacting with more than a few contract axes. If you don’t understand something, please comment or message me. I know doing Airdrop will be very frustrating, but it takes patience. Everyone try to do it every week/month. It doesn’t take too much time, just execute a few swap commands. **EVERYONE REMEMBER TO BE PERSONALITY. DOWNLOAD MONEY FROM THE ONLINE**
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