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Hi, zkSync is still Fomo a lot, the transaction fee is still high, but you can do this first.

# **Guide to claim NFT Pioneer Era of SyncSwap** – One of the outstanding AMMs of the zkSync system, haven’t issued a token yet, do it properly from Testnet -> Mainnet -> Launch token -> Airdrop soon. Anyone who is focusing on zkSync, please do it quickly. **1/ Go to** Retweet, like, follow then verify is complete. **2/ 3rd Task: SyncSwap Era Mainnet Exploers** To verify, you must do: -Swap any token on SyncSwap (at least 2 swap orders) – Add any liquidity pool – Then Verify you review the detailed instruction video on swap interaction, add pool minutes 7:46s:**3/ After you finish, claim NFT and join Go to SyncSwap’s Discord to get the Role. ** Link Dis: This was given once before, but it has been extended until the end of April 20, please take advantage of this good deal.

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