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In order to increase your assets in the Crypto market, you should use a small percentage of your capital to specialize in “Venture Investment” by hunting Hidden Gems that are still being “hidden in the stone”. So what are Hidden Gems, how to select potential Hidden Gems to make money. Let’s find out together! **I, What are Hidden Gems?** Hidden Gems is a term used to refer to tokens that are currently undervalued with the potential to explode in the future. Hidden gems are not known by many users by the media and small community. Hidden gems are sometimes old tokens that are trending sideways while the whole market is growing, but once it starts to go up, it’s very bullish. **II, Classification of Hidden Gems** Hidden Gems have 5 categories: Hidden Gems ICO/IEO, Hidden Gems low cap, Hidden Gems by Trend, Hidden Gems before the large list of floors, Hidden Gems are community and KOLs shill **1.1** **Hidden Gems IEO** IEO – Initial Exchange Offering, this is a form of issuing tokens on CEX exchanges such as Binance, Houbi, OKX,,…. Projects applying for IEO on the exchange will be carefully censored by a research team with strict criteria depending on the exchanges. Therefore, investing in IEO projects usually has a relatively lower level of risk compared to other types of issuance. IEO is for investors with average capital or more because to participate, it is necessary to hold that exchange’s coin. However, the disadvantage of this type is that investors have to hold the exchange token in the largest amount. and capital needs to be large if not holding exchange tokens. **1.2. Hidden Gems ICO** ICO – Initial Token Offering, this is a form of initial token issuance. The difference between ICO and IEO is that investors can participate from seed, private, public sale rounds with other large funds. However, when investing in private/seed sale, the investment amount in these two rounds is very large. In addition, ICO issuance platforms often do not have strict censorship like IEOs, so the ICO scam project is quite a lot. To invest in ICO, in addition to spending a large amount of capital, it is necessary to have experience in researching projects. project and accept high risk 2. **Hidden Gems lowcap** In these types of Hidden Gems are projects that have issued tokens that may be listed on the exchange but the capitalization is not high, usually ranging from a few tens of millions of dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. These projects have relatively small capitalization. Therefore, when there is cash flow, these projects will increase stronger than the common ground. Projects of this type are suitable in addition to having good research skills, they also need patience because this is a low cap coin that often follows the market’s money flow. 3. **Hidden Gems later became a trend** Hidden Gems later trended are tokens belonging to areas with the potential to become a development trend in the future. Famous trends in the market from 2020 to now include Defi, Play to earn, Move to earn, NFT, Metaverse. Depending on the stage of the market, the keywords will become hot trends, at this time the projects belonging to that trend will fly very strongly. The disadvantage of this type is that investors must have patience, the trend forming and the market responding is not easy and fast, in addition, the trend followers cannot hold for long and it is also very easy to “buy”. top selling bottom” **4. Hidden Gems thanks to the list of big CEX exchanges.** It means you buy a potential project in other small exchanges at a low price and then it is listed on big exchanges like Binance, Coinbase. Usually we will pay more attention to Binance because of the large number of users, abundant liquidity and really good projects to list Binance. gao from the floor (10 Tips to identify a project that is about to be Listed BINANCE)( ( )( ?v=vC7D1N-WIlk)5. **Hidden Gems thanks to the community and KOLs shill** Prestigious community and KOLs are also a way to help you find hidden gems the easiest. KOLs had to research carefully and buy together with the community. However, it is easy to encounter junk and scam projects because there are also many communities that specialize in shilling junk coins that specialize in snooping, On the other hand, reputable communities that share rafts are not 100% winning, it requires you to have patience and reasonable capital allocation when participating. Or sometimes, the hidden gems are not ready to fly, but you have lost your patience and sold it. Easy to meet junk shill, scam. Or sometimes the project is good and the hidden gem is really good, but you meet the fud released by the pig bird and lose patience. **III, Where to Find Hidden Gems** **On Social Networking Sites**: Telegram, Discord, Twitter are popular places for crypto players to exchange knowledge. Especially Twitter, having played crypto, must take advantage of Twitter. All important information, as well as the core of hidden gem hunts including IDO, Airdrop, news, events, etc., are all updated on Twitter. About hunting gems on twitter, I think these 2 posts in the group are the best. ( )( /groups/ryanvanhungnguoiban/permalink/445035411110176/ )(**Hunting hidden gems by large VC funds: ** Tactics to follow the top portfolio Investing in large funds is one of the most effective methods that I use to find Hidden Gems One of the big funds is a16z, Three Arrow Capital, Hashkey Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Okex Blockchain Ventures, Binance Labs… You can check out their investment portfolio and research into money down. Note that each fund has its own investment taste, so please research carefully to see if their taste is suitable for your own investment style or not. I recommend funds like Pantera, a16z, Paradigm, .. ( **DEX exchange**: DEX exchanges have many hidden gems. Especially because once a coin is created, listing it right on a CEX like Binance is difficult and expensive so many new coins are often listed instead on decentralized exchanges (DEX). The most used DEXs are Uniswap and SushiSwap on the Ethereum blockchain and PancakeSwap on BSC. **Join Testnet/Retroactive/Airdrop:** Searching for Testnet/Retroactive bets helps you find hidden gems before starting the mainnet. **Reputable sites**: Icodrops,Coingecko, Coinmarketcap,Defilama.. the most famous price tracking websites and also the tools to help you find Hidden gems easier than ever. It has many features like filter trend, filter by category, look at trading volume, % increase in price…. All of this will help you to know what the emerging trend is, and most importantly, where the money is flowing in the market. **Through reports:** The annual and quarterly market summary reports of Messari, The Block, Glassnode, .. will help you capture trending keyworks or explosive projects in the future. future. For example, Messari’s report on Defi 2.0 Real Yield and the results of those projects flew, the community began to write articles about Defi 2.0. **Launchpad platforms:** This is also a good choice for you to search for Hidden gem crypto. The advantage is that they have an investment and research team, helping to assess and reduce the risk of scams for you. But to participate in this type, you need to hold the token of the Launchpad project. Some Launchpad platforms: Binance Launchpad, Dao maker, Enjinstarter, Seedify,, Polkastarter… **Hackathon**: Hackathon is an activity to attract innovators to participate in a contest to build their ideas and develop new ideas. application on an ecosystem. Following projects at the Hackathon will help you find super-potential projects that are still in their early stages. Depending on each ecosystem, there will be different Hackathons. **IV, A few notes and evaluation criteria for hidden gems** * Priority should be given to low-cap coins outside of the Top 200, 300 (cap 50M< on Coinmarketcap or C * If it is an unreleased project, then let's focus on how the project is, is it useful and attracts the attention of the community?When is there an airdrop, ICO/IEO/IDO event? * If it's an old coin, please pay attention trading volume, related events, news A coin that goes unnoticed for a whole year suddenly the market suddenly falls in love with it What is the reason? * Check the current volume... Did the pump and dump process take place before? * With ICO projects, if you don't have a name, you will buy very little, if ICO you buy a lot, the possibility of a scam project is very high. Is it really worth it? Are they new to the field? What are they trying to improve in our world? What are their goals? * Is the current market phase in favor of it? the development of that project or not.Is the money moving into the ecosystem, specifically the piece you are interested in or is it in another puzzle piece? * What is the movement of the investor community interested in that project? Go to social networking sites like Twitter, Telegram, Discord… to check. This is also how we can exclude scam, low-quality or non-potential projects when researching. * Is it listed on major exchanges like Binance? If not, does it have the potential to be listed on it?

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