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Hosting Checker Tools Free easy to create your own!

Have you ever been interested in the company that hosts your website? Have you ever wondered which web host your competitors use?

Or, if you come across a website that loads quickly, wouldn’t you want to know who hosts it? Most of the time, it’s good to have access to that kind of information.

This information is available to the public. Also, there are several tools that can be used to find out who hosts a website. But first, you need to know what a website hosting checker actually is. Let’s make yours.

What are website hosting checker tools? 

what are website hosting checker tools newsdailytech

Web hosting is a service that gives clients access to a computer or network through the internet. A web hosting checker tool is a simple website you can go to to see if your website’s host provider is having problems with the server, latency, or uptime.

These tools can help you figure out what’s wrong with your website’s server and make sure you’re not just guessing.

Why should I use that program?

How hosting checker work newsdailytech

Hosting Checker Tool is a web service that lets you find out who hosts a website.

You should use hosting checker tools because:

  • You can find the best web host with the help of simple tools. They can also be used to find out which web hosting company has servers that are the most stable and reliable.
  • The service will tell you which plan fits your needs and budget the best.
  • You can use features like DNS lookup and reverse lookup, Whois lookup, IP addresses, Domain information, and so on to help you find information.
  • You will be able to tell the difference between page speed, location of the server, error rates, availability of the data center, and bandwidth usage.

So, the best way to do it is to use a hosting checker tool. Let Newsdaliytech show you the 5 best free testing tools for hosting so you can find the best solution for you.

How does the hosting checker work?

Hosting checker tools free newsdailytech

Every Web Hosting testing tool is designed to appear to be the same. Because the information to display is required to be the same. So this will be a general guide on how to use Hosting checker tools most effectively !

  • Step 1: Insert domain

First, enter the URL of the website you want to evaluate into the bar. Then, push the arrow-shaped button. 

  • Step 2: Interpreting the findings of the hosting checker

In a few moments, you’ll get the report, featuring the following information:

> The web host details

On the first tab of our hosting checker, you can find out who is hosting a website. In the first row is the name of the web hosting company, and in the last row is the name of the DNS provider. This tab also shows a nameserver and a web server.

Nameservers are a very important part of the DNS (Domain Name System). They take care of questions about where a domain name’s services can be found. Nameservers make it possible to use domain names instead of IP addresses.

A “web server” is software that runs on a server and responds to Internet requests. It takes care of the HTTP and other protocols for the queries. Its main job is to store web pages, keep track of them, and send them to clients.

> The server details

The first part of the hosting checker report tells you which company is hosting this site or your site. The second tab answers the question “Where is this site hosted?” There, you can find out about a website’s server, IP address, location (country, city, and area), and the name of the company that runs it.

Top 5 Web hosting checker for FREE 

top web hosting checker free newsdailytech

The information above, which Newteach gathers, is the most important information you need to know. And you will be able to use and understand the information that the hosting checker tool gives you. Also how to make good use of that information.


You may determine who is hosting a certain website with the use of the Geekflare Hosting Checker tool, which is a fantastic and quite helpful online service. Enter the address of the website you want to use, and then click the “Find Hosting” button to proceed.

You should see some information about the hosting firm once only a few seconds have passed. The IP address and geographic location of the server that is presently hosting the domain are both included in this information as well as other facts.

Digital Host Checker

The Digital Host Checker tool is an extremely simple tool to use. Enter the URL of the website into the input form to discover who the website’s owner is as well as who is hosting the website. It includes every piece of information, such as the hosting provider, IP address, facts about the owner, and nameservers.

WhoIs domain lookup

Whois domain lookup is one of the functions offered by the Digital Host Checker programme. Enter the URL of a website into the input form to discover who the website’s owner is as well as who is hosting the website. It gives you all the information you need, including the hosting provider, IP address, owner information, and name servers. To make use of this tool, all you need to do is fill up the input box with a URL and then click the “Check” button.


The hosting checker provided by Rishavapps is an excellent choice if you are seeking for a method to discover who is hosting a certain website. If you input the domain name and then click on the “Check Host” button, you will be able to determine whether or not Rishavapps is the company that hosts the website in question.


With the help of the website tool HostAdvice, you may discover in an instant who hosts a certain website. To learn who is hosting a certain website, you simply to input the domain name and then click the find button.

And that’s the list of web hosting checker tools that Tech News found to be the most effective. Hope the above information will be useful for your work.

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