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Hot summer don’t charge your phone this way, Apple itself warns that it’s easier to bottle the battery faster

## (Country) – Your iPhone can automatically stop charging when it overheats due to using a thick case. Recently, a user named David Eluemunoh shared that his iPhone suddenly charged to 80% and stopped without damage to the charging cable. The cause was later determined to be that the case he used caused the device to overheat, unable to escape the heat, and the phone automatically stopped charging at the 80% mark. This situation was later confirmed by the LaptopMag news site and many other users. The battery protection feature when charging (Optimized Battery Charging) normally only monitors how the user plugs in the charger to optimize the charging process, but it turns out, it also recognizes when the phone is too hot to cut off the power, helping the device. Temporarily cool down to avoid affecting other components inside. ## Apple also states that you shouldn’t charge while using a case On Apple’s website homepage, the company has recommended that users should not use certain types of cases when charging, that it may lead to battery failure. thermal dynamics, easy to damage, makes the battery drain faster. Specifically, thick cases, using materials such as rubber or especially leather, have poorer heat dissipation, thereby making it easier to heat up the device. According to Apple, if the device becomes unusually hot, remove the case and then continue to plug in the charger and the best temperature for effective charging is from 0 to 35 degrees Celsius. ## Summer is hot, should remove the case. Before plugging in the charger We are about to enter the summer of record heat, not only affecting health but also battery-powered devices such as phones should also be used more carefully. Previous iPhones also prevented users from turning on the camera, reducing the screen brightness or … shutting down the power if the ambient temperature was too high. Therefore, removing the case when charging, especially using fast chargers, is even more necessary. To avoid overheating for iPhone in particular and phones in general, in addition to removing the case, you can try blowing a fan on the device, leaving the device in a cooler place, avoiding placing on pillows and heat-reducing materials. poor charging. Even just placing the phone on a metal surface is a great way to make the device dissipate heat faster. Finally, you can switch to more breathable cases with openings on the back or use materials that conduct heat well. “Be careful” more, anyone who plays games a lot should always invest in a cooling fan attached to the back of the machine to make sure to reduce the battery bottle speed even when plugged in continuously.



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