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How A Researcher Analyzes When Taking Bets.

Hello friends, today I share with you the perspective of a Researcher when looking at and analyzing a chart of a project. First Chart/Price chart it not only shows the price but also the emotions of the participants investing in that project. So usually it will have 3 types, Increase / Decrease / Sideway – cumulative. For those 3 types, Research will have different responses and information. (Note: This is personal sharing, not investment advice or Shill any project) Step1: First I receive Input. My input information can be news from the community or on Twitter that is fomo. I took Vd as a BLUR for a few days now, and I see that even in the group, there is a comparative analysis. Ok, so I chose this one. Checking on the community side, I see that Fomo as Input has been received, then I go to step 2. >>> Yes KOL has a marketing team for the project. Step 2: I check the chart. Look At this step, I care about 2 things. 2.A/ Determine the side way area or you can understand it as the area of ​​accumulation. I take the period from May 12, 2023 when confirming the double bottom pattern, accepting the end of the downtrend and until May 23, 2023 is the day of a strong Pump candle. 2.B/ Pump area goes up for the 1st time, with this Blur, you can see very strong Pump candles. With item 2, this reinforces my speculation that the price push is due to Marketing. Step 3: Research. 3.A/ From step 2.A, I determined the accumulation area, so I note this time frame, and I use the tools to check on the On-chain, during this time which wallet is active silently collect. 3.B/ In step 2.B item 2, I determined the time to get a strong shill, I used the Advanced Research method in Twitter to search for KOLs or organizations that are Marketing for the project, making a list according to Follow my example for 2 pictures below. Step4: The magnetic flux action is researched. 4.A/ In this step from the information of step 3.A, I make a list to keep track of the wallets that have been collected, at what price range the Blur is then I can see if it closes? then I also plan to allocate capital to collect. Also, can I see if they are still holding any other children? and go back to step 1 with you. 4.B/ Step 3.B, My actions are the same as above. Or to see if it collects another child, should I see if it shill another child? but unlike 4.A, I don’t quickly collect goods, but research more carefully if the baby is good, I will find an entry point, because the essence of Marketing is to push goods and discharge. The BLUR is the child asked by the students, so I’m making an example for this article because in my opinion, it is still fomo and maybe it is accumulating and testing marketing because the last Pump is only 20%, should you try backtesting your way on the BLUR or the ones you are interested in to see how it goes? As above are the 4 basic steps from my experience point of view is that a research on accepting a rafter is not yet thorough with a Researcher because there are still other parts missing, and to complete the above steps you need to know about technical development. little On-chain tool, and Research skill. If you have any questions, ask me.

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