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How ​​do I get my money back when I transfer to the wrong account?

Transferring money to the wrong account is a bad experience when making transactions, causing many people to worry about whether they can get their assets back. The answer is that it can be recovered if the customer follows the instructions correctly. Because, according to the law, the money transfer to the wrong account needs to be refunded in order. If you arbitrarily use the money source when others mistakenly transfer to your account, you will be administratively fined from 3 to 5 million dong, and will be sentenced to 1 to 5 years in prison. **How ​​to get money back transferred to the wrong account with the same bank** This is a case where the recipient mistakenly has the same bank as the sender. Steps are as follows: **Step 1:** Go to the nearest bank branch/transaction counter, provide transaction invoice proving the wrong account transfer and ask the bank staff to assist in processing. . **Step 2:** You need to provide ID card, bank card, documents such as money transfer invoice, transfer time, account number and money transfer content for the bank to check and re-check the transaction . **Step 3:** The bank will rely on the information you provide to check and review the transaction made. If the information provided is correct, the bank staff will contact the recipient and request a refund of the amount to be transferred. The bank will proceed to notify the account holder of the information that the customer has mistakenly transferred money to the account. Next, the bank can proceed to block the account of the wrongly transferred account holder and return the money if there is still money in the account. In case the wrong deposit has been withdrawn and spent by the account holder, the bank will require this account holder to return it. If the account holder who received the wrong deposit is determined not to return it, the bank will notify the customer to initiate a lawsuit. If, after being locked or blocked, there is still money in the wrong transferee’s account, the bank will proceed to transfer the money back to the wrong sender. **How ​​to get back money transferred to the wrong account with another bank** When transferring money to the wrong account with another bank, the process is the same. The transferor also needs to go to the nearest transaction point of his bank to register an account, provide invoices and remittance receipts. Bank staff will contact the bank on behalf of the customer and the beneficiary of the wrongly transferred account. However, the waiting time is somewhat longer than contacting the same bank in the system. **How ​​long does it take to get back the money transferred to the wrong account?** The time to get the money back to the wrong account depends on the process of contacting and communicating with the wrong recipient. In case of transferring money to the wrong account and the recipient is willing to transfer the money back, usually after 5-7 days the account holder can receive his/her money back. However, there is still a maximum specified time, from 10 – 15 working days. In cases where the payee deliberately fails to return the money and is forced to take the matter to court, it can take weeks to months for the wrong money to be received back. In case of transferring money to the wrong account number, wrong recipient’s name, it usually takes up to 7 working days for the bank to check the transaction and return the money to the account holder. **Note to avoid transferring money to the wrong account** Transferring money to the wrong account causes anxiety and frustration for customers, and at the same time, the process of contacting to receive money back is not easy. Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, customers should note the following things when making a money transfer transaction: When entering the beneficiary account number, you need to enter it correctly, be careful not to make mistakes. Before transferring money, it is necessary to check the beneficiary information including: Full name, account number, beneficiary bank name and amount to be transferred. When you need to transfer large amounts of money, break it up into several transactions to limit risk. In addition, you can go directly to the counter for money transfer assistance. Save the beneficiary’s name on the account after the first successful transaction. Next time, just choose from the list without having to re-enter from the beginning. Choose reputable banks with an upgraded application management system, completely accessing the beneficiary account information just with the account number, this will limit the risks. At the same time, with big banks, the customer support process when there is a risk of transferring money to the wrong account is also handled professionally and quickly.



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