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How ​​many iPhones are running iOS 16 before the release of iOS 17?

# **How many iPhones are running iOS 16 before the launch of iOS 17?** **Only a few days left until Apple officially announced the iOS 17 software at the developer event WWDC on June 5.** Recently, Apple released its most recent statistics on iOS 16 software installation rates and the numbers look pretty good. According to a report by AppleInsider, 81% of all iPhones are currently running iOS 16, which is a good number compared to 72% at the beginning of 2023. ## **IOS 16 adoption rate is pretty good ahead of the public iOS 17 announcement** According to statistics, about 81% of iPhones are running iOS 16, 13% are running iOS 15, and only 6% are running unspecified older versions of Apple’s mobile operating system. Meanwhile, 90% of newer iPhones (introduced within the last 4 years) run iOS 16 as of June 1. There are still 8% of these newer iPhones running iOS 15, and only 2% running an older, unspecified version of iOS. Apple’s iOS 16 was released in September 2022. Slightly comparable to the rival operating system, Android 13 launched in October 2022 and so far, the usage rate of the latest Android operating system is about 12.1% as of April recently (data on Android Central site). However, the above comparison is not too surprising, because usually Apple has applied its latest iOS more widely than Android (as can be seen, Android phones come from many manufacturers, in when iOS is only available for iPhone). Regarding iPad devices, the signal is also quite positive for iPadOS 16 tablet software. According to Apple statistics, iPadOS 16 usage has increased significantly and now 71% of all iPads are in use. up and running this latest software (last February, it was 50%). As for iPads released in the last 4 years, 76% of them are running iPadOS 16, 18% are still running iPadOS 15, and 6% are using an older version of the operating system.



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