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How much will the iPhone 15 quartet cost “excessively”?

## **Many analysts continue to confirm the “towering” price of high-end smartphones iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max.** This year, the line (iPhone)(https://www.24h. 15 promises to be super attractive choices for both iFan and fans. They will feature an updated design, a “leap” in performance, and a built-in USB-C port for every version. **So how will Apple price them?** A new report from Haitong International Securities tech analyst Jeff Pu says Apple will raise prices for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max worldwide. . The reason is because they are upgraded with a series of hardware, including a new titanium frame, volume buttons and mute button, integrated powerful A17 chip, increased RAM memory and can be equipped with a periscope zoom lens. It is expected that the high-end iPhone 15 pair will have the following prices: ● iPhone 15 Pro: $ 1,199 – 28.18 million (128GB version), $ 1,299 – 30.53 million (256GB), $ 1,499 – 35, VND 24 million (512GB), USD 1,699 – VND 39.94 million (1TB) ● iPhone 15 Ultra: USD 1,299 – VND 30.53 million (128GB), USD 1,399 – VND 32.89 million (256GB), USD 1,599 – 37.59 million VND (512GB), 1,799 USD – 42.29 million VND (1TB) ● iPhone 15: from 799 USD (about 18.78 million VND) ● iPhone 15 Plus: from 899 USD (about 21.13 million VND) ) The main reason for the $400 price gap between the iPhone 15 Pro and the standard iPhone 15 is because the standard iPhone models won’t change much. On the other hand, the price increase could make the standard iPhone models more attractive to iFan, especially the iPhone 15 Plus. This iPhone model will become the more affordable large-screen iPhone. Of course, the price increase could be smaller. According to experts, this will not affect Apple’s iPhone sales as well as help the company increase the average iPhone selling price. The iPhone 15 quartet will all have USB-C ports. Those who can afford it will not hesitate to “spend big” to own a pair of iPhone 15 Pro. Meanwhile, those who don’t need to use the premium features can save some money on the standard iPhone 15 models. Over the years, Apple has sold more and more products, even though they cost more and more. As long as users accept/satisfied with the price and value of the product, “Apple House” will succeed with the new pricing strategy.



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