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How ​​Not OutDate In The Market?

**————** Hello guys! Another week is coming to an end with many interesting Trends/events and news from crypto and the world. I also started to return to the market after a few weeks of rest. So am I afraid of an update? Are you afraid that the piece of cake is already divided? More or less, of course. But to catch up with the market is not too difficult. So let’s find out how not to go out of date with a volatile market like this crypto. > **Note**: This is the way/direction I usually apply after the out market for a while, and feels quite effective, may not be suitable for all but hopefully helpful. —— ## **first. Summarize the important things that happened.** The first thing for us to understand how the market is going is to know/understand what and how the market is going. History/Past has a huge impact on market volatility. A common use case is Bitcoin’s halving cycle, researchers/analysts rely on what happened in the past to predict the future price of Bitcoin or key moments. And our job does the same but to a lesser extent: Within a quarter or a month or a week. To predict, follow the cash flow, big news. And how to update yourself or apply: * **Go to Social**: Crypto news/trends, social networking sites are always bustling, the more you surf, the more information comes out. Anything that stands out is put up there. What we need is to select the correct source of information and not let it be overloaded. * Twitter is a place I often use, before my friends, I shared some tips on Twitter For you to easily follow and quickly update news, as well as trends (Kols shill). Including List and Tweetdeck…Your job is to select quality KOLs, or standard/fast update information pages. ( I myself will have: * 1 list of KOLs share about news, market view * 1 List of KOLs share about trend/narrative… * 1 list of KOLs about airdrop, retroactive… * And some general topics. ⇒ When needed, just skim reading to summarize, highlight and then draw your own judgment. After a market timeout, you still know how it is going or what is the most active market issue. * **Telegram**: Telegram is no longer a stranger, almost any problem in crypto, large community chat groups are always updated or mentioned. Spending 30 minutes to 1 hour per day wandering through those groups is as if 90% of the information in crypto that happened in the past week/month is fully understood. * **vn wallstree**t: This is also a high-precision and reputable macro news update site, see for yourself what’s going on in the world, crypto people care what the Fed does. => These are the 3 places I often go to, there are many more places to ask and of course there will be private information that is difficult for ”players” to access, but it is fine to not be marketed as much. **2. Tools** : Market news analysis/testing tools. Everyone should equip themselves with at least some tools to check and check. (Ryan And Friends | Hi everyone, I’m Dipper ( Here is a complete collection of websites. . If you can use it all, that’s great, it’s okay if I don’t know all of it, I just choose a few ”useful” tools to use. ( ( Use these tools to check details how the crypto market has been in the past week: Money flow, news… In the guide, the pro has very detailed instructions, based on that, practice. ⇒ When you have all the necessary information, arrange it logically: By date or by related events. Then make your own opinion. Can be compared with the statements of the KOLs to have the most accurate source of knowledge. ## **II. Update current or upcoming Trends/events.** Once we understand the general market movements before, what we do now is to update the ongoing ‘hot news’. out now and in the future. Then from there strung together to give market and trend &narrative insights. Websites update their news to the above section, or go to read the report about the market. Reading at Datafi is also ok. About the trend/narrative part. For example, recently, the memecoin wave made the market hot again. The Memes of the ERC, BSC.. systems all have children x100 or more, the lead trend is very strong and the projects that follow are also many. Or the upcoming Hong Kong bill is… (think about it). Tip research by trend: ( Usually when we I’m aware of the trend/narrative but on social networks it has already started to grow, I’m a latecomer. It is our duty not to rush to follow, let’s evaluate the level of profit and risk to make a reasonable decision: **A few principles when playing trend/narrative.** * **If you missed the wave, accept it. accept it.** If anyone misses this meme or the previous AI, LSD waves, just accept that I missed it, don’t ignore the fomo when the price is already x5 x10 or x100. If I buy, then more than 90% will go to liquidate for the buyers first. Like $PEPE cap now more than billion dollars, x2 x3 is harder than before. Choose another child to play, there is no shortage of meme x2 x10 for you (Mecx floor plays ok) * **Wait patiently: **No matter if it’s a trend or anything, it will have an adjustment rhythm (ie. take profit) for those who come to buy. Usually, the last wave of the trend will have a few x10 x 100 rafters. For example, Gamefi, Metaverse… Don’t fly out of money because of the immediate desire, the real opportunity is only for those who have money left. * **New Trends are always available**: One last thing in this section is that big MMs and KOLs always create money games for you to play, don’t think this trend is over. It is the beginning of a new trend. If you feel like you’re missing the trend, then go ‘digging’ the trend for yourself, starting with a better position. There is always a way for you to go, don’t be afraid. ## **III. Add more knowledge and prepare your mind.** All good sharing or advice, the core of all problems lies in “self-study” to add knowledge and thinking for yourself . The importance of knowledge as well as thinking, I present quite a lot, if you do not have enough knowledge, you will not be able to read / analyze it deeply, from which your statement does not have a high probability of being correct. Or other people want to help you, you don’t have enough ”source” ability to receive/understand. 1/ The knowledge is a lot, read a lot and absorb as much knowledge as possible (sifted through). When learning, bring critical thinking to problems. Why is it like this? Why is it like that? Can this knowledge apply to myself? 2/ Bring an open mind when studying, it may be knowledge already learned, already known, but don’t be subjective. If it’s important, practice well. ⇒ These items, I’m sure there are 4 5 lessons on thinking, the learning path from A to Z for you, you guys can refer to it. Read this article Thinking about acquiring knowledge is also ok: ( 557528433194206/) Wish you all a happy and favorable weekend <3. Photo cr: 1 page per day.

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