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How old can children use TikTok, Facebook?

# ** How old are children to use TikTok, Facebook?** **Social networking platforms stipulate that children from 13 years old can register for membership, but many experts believe that it should be increased to 16 years old.* * Vivek Murthy, 45, an American surgeon, said he and his wife decided to wait for their children to attend high school before using social media. He assessed the “adolescent crisis” as a sensitive and risky period in the intellectual and personality development of children. They are prone to pressure, prejudice, comparison and low self-esteem with their peers. Laws related to advertising and data collection in the US allow children 13 years of age and older to use social networking applications. However, many studies have shown (the link)( to keep people’s mental health crisis adolescents with the use of social networks. This is a serious public health challenge and a risk of the times, says Murthy. *WSJ* cited scientific research showing that children under 16 should stay away (TikTok)(, (Instagram)( chu-de/instagram-1545), (Snapchat)(… similarly banning motor vehicle control. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for impulse control and decision making, but before the age of 25, it is not fully developed. This leads to many (tragedies)( due to children being manipulated by (trends)( is dangerous on social networks. Carl Marci, a psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, said that early exposure to social media makes the process of being infected with toxic thoughts so rapid that “there is no way to stop”. . But by the age of 16, the human cortex has begun to perceive many problems. Marci likens using social media before the age of 16 is as dangerous as putting children behind the wheel of a car. Marsha Blackburn, a grandmother of three, said: “13 years old is too young to use social media. Parents should decide when their children use TikTok, Instagram instead of following the law.” She thinks social media companies need to set up more barriers for teenagers. Each child’s age has a different meaning, but social media companies are treating 13-year-olds like adults. In 1998, the US Congress passed the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act to prevent companies from collecting and disclosing data about people under the age of 13. So developers have taken advantage of it as an important age to allow children to create accounts, especially for services with ads. However, some people are also concerned that if children wait until the age of 16 to use social networks, children may have a basic social communication deficit compared to their peers. This is not just a family decision, but also involves school and society to ensure that children do not find themselves lost, bullied and ridiculed.



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