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How ​​to avoid being tracked via smartphone?

# ** How to avoid being tracked via smartphone?** ** Owning a smartphone brings many useful utilities to users, but also contains many risks of location tracking. ** Data device security is always a concern of smartphone users. However, many people do not really understand the process of device security and anti-tracking. In this article, we will learn how to prevent tracking on Android and iPhone. ## **Limit use of device positioning feature** Choosing to use the GPS navigation feature on Smartphone is a fairly familiar trick with today’s users, with this feature we can easily know your current position as well as use it in many different jobs. However, abuse and use of this device location feature will inadvertently make your device less secure as well as easily tracked by other applications. ***For iPhone devices*** **Step 1**: You access **Settings (Settings) **from the Application Menu then press the item **General settings (General) .** Here you search and click on the item **Restrictions**. **Step 2: **The system will ask you to **enter the password Limit ** to confirm, then we search and press the function **Location service**. **Step 3: **Here you can click **Disable location services** or select the applications that are using location services on the device and click **No**, to turn off. ***For Android devices*** You access **Settings (Settings)**, then search and click **Location (Privacy and Safety Location)**. Here you can choose to turn off location services, or click on **Mode ** to choose instead of accuracy, device locating method to become safer. **Do not root or jailbreak your device** Rooting an Android device or jailbreaking an iPhone brings strange experiences, but it comes with dozens of risks. Devices after being rooted or jailbroken are very unstable and unsafe, easy for others to secretly install unauthorized tracking applications on the device. However, for proficient users, they can jailbreak or root the device to install fake location emulator applications, helping owners “pretend” to be in this place but in fact they are somewhere else. **Prevent phone tracking with app permissions** Every time we install new applications on Android devices, iPhone system often sends notifications asking to confirm installation, setup settings However, for apps that don’t need GPS, calling, and texting features that require them to be used, you should delete them and not confirm the app’s permissions. **Never share personal accounts** Many people are careless in managing their accounts on smartphones and tablets. This is a fact that is hard to change. In Vietnam, users still use the same Apple ID search with phone shops. Some people “innocently” provide Apple ID search, iCloud accounts to their lovers and do not expect to be tracked through the Find My search iPhone feature. Not only on iPhone search, Android users should not go easy on their accounts. Gmail is the most precious thing on Android devices because it stores contacts, emails, notes… and is the key to login to photo storage services. If someone else knows your Gmail and password, they can also locate you if you’ve previously turned on the find your lost device feature. In addition to keeping personal accounts carefully, users need to limit the use of photo stream features to other devices, such as an iPhone search that can automatically send photos just taken to the photo collection on search. iPad. An Android smartphone automatically syncs photos to Google Photos, and someone who knows the password logs into the service. This is a utility and also a double-edged sword. **Check the list of apps** Also mentioned above strange apps on your device are one of the factors that cause your device to be tracked, so to prevent being tracked on your phone Phone we need to check the device for the existence of strange applications, unknown origin or not. Then please remove this suspicious application of unknown origin from your device, there are many applications that have been infected with malicious code that makes us not even know if it is safe or not, so how remove, delete is absolutely the right thing to do. **Location via phone number** Currently, quite a few people are concerned about being tracked, locate via phone number easily, but this is completely impossible. can now. Because the way to determine location via phone number requires permission from the carrier to use. This in turn causes users to lose their personal privacy. So you will be completely assured when you no longer need to worry about this problem anymore. So we just went to find out how to prevent phone tracking, prevent being located. Hopefully through this article you have also understood the steps to take as well as what to do to prevent being tracked your Android phone, iPhone.



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