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How ​​to be sensitive to trends/narratives and money flow.

**Hello in the group, being sensitive to trends/narratives and cash flow will help us to have a nice position and good profit. Here are ways to be sensitive to trends/narratives. **- Must have good background knowledge **First, in order to be sensitive to trends/narratives we must have a solid background knowledge, it’s like a tree, so it must be built from the root => body= > branches=> leaves. The example comes from understanding what blockchain is, why has it, is it okay without it. Then what is crypto, the history of Bitcoin, … then comes to understand what Defi concepts are, why have it, what is NFT,. Must master the basic knowledge to be able to be quick with cash flow and understand new keywords.** – Grasp the core elements of a new keyword/concept **To be able to attract the flow of money. money, the sharks / bookies will often launch a keyword, a new concept to lead the market, take that as a belief to let people understand that this is the future like this, that’s it. motivate investors to learn to hold the project’s tokens related to that keyword. Usually new keywords/concepts will take a long enough time for us to learn so don’t be afraid to miss out because sharks need to educate the community before pushing it into a trend.** **Example BRC concept- 20 is hot right now, this concept has been around for a few months now and there is plenty of time for us to learn it.** – Grasping the cash flow attraction factor of that trend/narratives **This is quite a step. It is difficult and quite important after having thoroughly studied the new keyword/concept, then predicting whether the bookie will push this story to mass adoption, how? (Passive, fomo, narratives..) What is the reason for pumping on this floor? What is the logic to narratives pump, …..** – There is a system that provides alpha news, insider leak. **We continue to reinforce with general information on Twitter, experts, influencers, domestic and international crypto communities. All new concepts are strongly influenced by famous CTs such as BRC-20 which are derived from @domodata CT. Domo has launched an experiment to create a token on the Bitcoin network called BRC-20 similar to ERC-20 on Ethererum **- Confirm trend/narratives have formed **Check if the crypto community is fomo because it’s good Are not? Go online about community psychology measurement tools to see if these keywords are in the top trending? Are there any projects that are leading the trend? Operational model? Note: if you have grasped the new keyword, you should check it continuously, if it has just reached the top, there may still be a chance for us, and if it has been top trending for many days, we should leave it. The tools I often use: **Lunacrush, Santiment, Watchers, Twitter – Proficient in operations ** Proficient in operations on DEX such as buying and selling to avoid clamping mev, slippage, presale bot, sniper bot, .. Because most of the time when there is a new trend/narratives, most of the projects are listed on the DEX first, when it’s on the CEX, there is only limited selling and selling when the list is large. You can consider participating if the project belongs to trends/narratives that only lists the grass CEX exchanges like Poniex, Houbi, Gate, MEXC, and once you have listed the big CEXs like Binance, OKX, Coinbase, then worry about it. For example, PEPE was listed on Uniswap and was x several hundred times before being listed on Binance** – Practice a lot, participate deeply **In order not to misstrend, you need to practice a lot, practice a lot to be more sensitive. Take the time to upgrade yourself, upgrade your mindset to stay ahead of the trend as soon as possible.

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