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How ​​to block annoying messages on Messenger

**If you don’t want to be disturbed on Messenger, you can apply the following tips to prevent messages from strangers.** In addition to sending spam SMS, crooks also take advantage of social networking platforms , OTT (Messenger, Telegram…) to spread advertising and annoying messages. How to prevent? **How ​​to block annoying messages on Messenger** *- Step 1: *First, update the Messenger app on your phone to the latest version via Google Play or the App Store. *- Step 2:* Log in with the respective account, then click on the menu icon (three dashes) in the upper left corner, select Settings. *- Step 3:* Next, users just need to navigate to Privacy and safety – Message distribution. *- Step 4: *Here, you can control who can message you, as well as who you want to receive messages from. To block messages from strangers, please set up 2 sections Other people on (Facebook) ( and Account on Instagram to Do not receive pending messages.



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