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How ​​to choose to buy a used MacBook safely

# **How to choose to buy an old MacBook safely** **MacBook is a high-value machine that makes many people turn to buying used machines. Unlike new machines, users need to keep a few things in mind for old MacBooks.** Here are some things users should keep in mind before buying an old MacBook, which is sold by retail systems (single system). supplier of reputable old MacBook lines in Ho Chi Minh City) share, in order to help users choose to buy the best device as they want. ## **Check the appearance** Appearance is essential when buying a used MacBook, where users need to make sure that the product is not cracked, broken or deformed on all sides. Models with a lot of severe dents should be avoided as this indicates a high degree of internal component damage following the impact. Also, make sure all rubber feet and bottom cover screws are intact, and that the screen rubber gasket is not worn. The display hinge should not be too loose. When it comes to the display, it’s also a key component on the MacBook thanks to its beautiful colors. Therefore, users should spend a lot of time to double check with some steps such as turning the wallpaper to white to check if the screen has light spots and bruises, turning the wallpaper to black to check for dead spots. . Especially with the MacBook line with Retina screen, it is necessary to ensure that the anti-glare layer is not peeled off. ## **Check the features** Other features on the MacBook also play an important role in deciding the operation of the machine. Therefore, users need to check the features on the product, including webcam, mic, sensor, key light and speaker. To test the webcam and mic, users can use the Photo Booth function available on MacBook to take 1-2 photos and record 1-2 minutes to see if there is anything unusual. Users should also check the sensors and key lights to see how. As for the speaker, you can check the left and right speakers through the settings to see if there is a crack or error. To test the keyboard, users can use the online keyboard test tool by going to Google and typing the keyword “keyboard test online”, as well as checking Touch ID and Touch Bar if available. Another special component that also needs to be checked is the battery. Due to the monolithic design attached to the device, users should be cautious in checking the battery capacity by going to About This Mac > System Report > Power. Apple battery life for common devices is 300 – 1,000 charge / discharge cycles, if it reaches 1,000, it’s time to ask the seller to replace the battery with a new one. Basically, many MacBook models tend to make some mistake or another. It could be a design flaw or a manufacturing quality issue. For example, the 2016 – 2017 MacBook Pro models are notorious for keyboard problems due to the faulty butterfly design. Of course, not everyone has keyboard problems where the actual number is a very small percentage, but as a buyer, it’s always better to be aware of the known defects of the model you want. buy, then find out if there are more defects before spending money. ## **Check warranty policy** Because it is an old MacBook, users will no longer enjoy the warranty policies like a new product from Apple, but depend on the seller. Please carefully review the content of the MacBook seller’s warranty policy to ensure that you are supported in the event of a product failure. Some stores now even carry out very good warranties for the old MacBooks they sell. For example, the H2Shop system will provide a free warranty for products that are still within the warranty period, with their seals intact, intact in appearance, without dents, cracks, water, etc. The company also warrants for errors. From the manufacturer’s side such as: source, mainboard, hard drive, hardware components… Even users are provided with a 72-hour trial period to return if the product is defective or 1 to 1 after 7 days. if there is an error. In addition, you can also choose other attractive extended warranty packages to ensure more peace of mind after purchasing the device. According to the share from H2Shop, there are many models on the market of old MacBook computers. In which, SA/A is the common MacBook code in some Southeast Asian countries (including Vietnam). Similarly, you may notice some MacBook codes of some countries such as LL/A (US market), J/A (Japanese market), ZP/A (Hong Kong market). Basically, the quality of portable or genuine SA/A machines makes no difference. It’s all manufactured by Apple with the same quality and standards, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the device. Mastering the above issues, users can rest assured to buy themselves the best MacBook and still save money for other jobs.



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