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How to convince your lover or wife to let you invest in Crypto?

There have been too many articles shared about technical analysis, fundamental analysis, whale tracking, betting tips to help your account xnxx times. So today I will share about an issue that is both fun and serious at the same time. This topic is quite sensitive to the FA brothers, so the FA brothers who read this far can also skim it. There is nothing for you to apply in this article. I’m sorry ūüėÄ Now the rest of you, you have a wife and a lover. Do they know you are investing in crypto? If they don’t know now, will they know later? If they knew, would they stop you from investing in this life changing market? Is there even an argument or ban on investing? Ok. That foreplay is enough for you to know what you’re about to talk about. The following is a share from a person who has successfully convinced his wife, not only not to stop but also fully agree to let me invest both money and time in this risky and volatile investment market. Hope to be able to help some fellow believers out there, cutting your losses hurts your wallet, but listening to your wife/lover nag is still a headache. Reason #1: I often nag that you play games all day, if you don’t sit and play, then you watch youtube about games. Now he doesn’t play anymore. He spends his time investing in coins. It takes less time and is more practical (Game vs Investment. Obviously your lover/wife will like you to choose?). Now that he doesn’t follow the news, he doesn’t watch the charts anymore, he’s back in the game again. But investing it for the long term, it can still make money, right? In the long run, sooner or later I have to learn how to invest. So now he quit the game to learn about investing. What’s the advantage of both ways? Reason #2: – You always say investment. But I don’t see any profits, all I do is hold my head and complain about losses (This sentence of the sisters is quite fatal, Because it is true that most investors really lose =)) Yes, but he invested a little, so he had a loss. It’s also a small loss. But he talks about knowledge, about experience. In order for him to add more money in the future, I will have more knowledge, then I will make more profit. Like a 10% loss of $50 is a $5 loss. But later on, he got experience. Gradually adding more money, later on, if I make a profit of 10% of 500, I will earn more. Now, if you have a hole, you will lose a little bit. Think of it as paying to learn to gain experience. How much do you have to pay to go to school? Now lose a little money but gain a lot of experience. Reason #3: Now that you buy land, you have to have a lot of money to buy it. Stocks are fine, but they’ve been around for a long time. (Just call crypto as bitcoin, brother. That’s easy for sisters to understand. My wife has known about Bitcoin and crypto for a long time, but I still call them all Bitcoin.) The Bitcoin market is just forming, so the upside potential is still very large. If I jump in early now, I still have time, but when I buy it later, I have little profit. I didn’t believe in Bitcoin before either, but after seeing governments and big companies start to invest here, I changed my mind. I think this will be long-term, gradually more people know about bitcoin, this market will develop more. No one thought before that AI would develop as dramatically as it does now. Now AI also draws pictures, composes music, does all sorts of things. In the future, the coin will also be popular and used all over the world. Now I invest gradually. Reason #4: In the future, this is a fertile investment market. In other countries trading is already a profession. In the future, Vietnam will gradually follow the same trend. In the past, around my age, I liked to sit and work in the office, sitting in the air conditioner all day. It sounds classy. But kids now and in the future will like it differently. Likes freedom, likes to be self-employed, doesn’t like to sit in a confined office. So in the future, trading will be one of the professions that children love. Now that he is learning about investing, he also knows a little about trading. After that, if your child likes it, you can wake it up for him. My child knows about trading from the very beginning, which is a great advantage. I also have more things to connect and talk to my children (Future topic CHILDREN, very strong keyword, guys) And those are the 4 topics that I used to successfully convince my wife to let me be completely free. crypto investment. Hope it helps some of you guys. Of course this is my situation. You have to edit, add or subtract to suit your situation, there is no holy grail to guarantee success and suitable for everyone. Good luck guys :D.

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