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How ​​to detect location tracking apps on iPhone you should know

# **How to detect location tracking apps on iPhone you should know** **Detecting which apps are tracking your location on iPhone is important to avoid information theft.* * Most applications require some form of location tracking in some respects. For example, Google Maps needs this permission to tell you where you’re going based on the route. And sometimes Facebook needs it if you want to show where you are in a post. However, you should always keep up-to-date which apps have permissions and which don’t – and the level of permissions they have. Apple has tightened things up over the years, meaning apps must explicitly ask for permission before you use them. There is a way if you have forgotten or just want to check out these apps. And each app also tells them what they need location settings for. ## **Which apps are tracking iPhone location?** To see what permissions each app on iPhone has to track you, start by** opening Settings. Tap Privacy & Security. Tap Location Services.** Below you will see a list of apps. Next to each app is the level of permissions it has. For example, Amazon has “When sharing”. Tap each app for more details. Below is some information on how to use location tracking. Additionally, only the programs and features you allow location access can use that permission. For example, to help you discover local deals and buy groceries faster. You can also decide when apps should request location access. Choices include Never, Ask Next or When I Share, When Using the App, and Always. ## **How ​​to turn off location tracking on iPhone?** You can choose to ban all apps from accessing your location. From the Location Services page, turn off the Location Services selection.



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