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How ​​to “Diamond Hand” 1 coin?

> *To be able to find and hold a coin in time, it takes a long enough learning and experience process. Each person will have a different investment strategy, the above is the experience that I hold a coin for a long time.* **1/ Source of investment money** The first and most important is the source of investment money. Where do we get ours from? Maybe people bought a good project, a potential coin and understood its value. However, if the money taken to invest is not idle money (can accept loss) but comes from borrowed money or money that is planned to be used in the short term, it is difficult for people to keep. the coin in the long run. In the future, maybe when needed, people will need to sell it to pay debts or use it for daily living. That’s why the investment position is extremely important. That’s why when the capital is not ready, it will make people unable to keep that coin in the long term. So I often say, if you want to “Hold” the Coin, you must ensure that your money is idle, and you must be “full of your stomach” to talk about investment. Everyone should consider how their money is invested in the Crypto market? If it is borrowed money or is not willing to lose a part, to be honest people will be extremely pressured if the market is downtrend or sideways. **2/ Understand well the value of the coin you are holding** When you want to keep a coin in the long term, you must understand it, its potential, dev team, development plan, value….yes a lot of information we need to learn about that project. If you understand the project well and are a long-term investor then the coin drops to a reasonable price then you will DCA instead of cutting loss. And if you don’t understand anything about that coin but just buy it because you heard someone say it, then make sure that when it drops in price, you’ll cut your loss immediately or that coin’s price will go up, too. **3/ Try to have a comfortable mentality** Each person has a different ability to go for profit and loss and a tolerance at different thresholds. So there are many people who just need to see a small profit and then close, some people go to infinity even though it is still idle money, still understand crypto….and there is no difference at all. So psychology in investing is extremely important and it will help people optimize their profits and go long term with the market. In terms of psychology, everyone has to experience it for themselves, go with the market by themselves to understand themselves and improve psychologically, but just saying or writing a few lines won’t help. for everyone. **4/ Be selective about information** In the process of “diamond handing” a project, it is very important to find out information about that project, for example new updates, new roadmaps or misses. If that project goes bankrupt, it will come up with contingency plans. But information is a double-edged sword, it can help you update a lot of good information, but it can also harm us. Because sometimes the project self-fud to “drop the goods” if not alert, will be trapped. If people do not have understanding, you are too free so every group is present, reading too much information without being selective is very dangerous. There are many brothers and sisters who have no understanding, because their knowledge is not strong, so every project feels good and every crypto buys and the portfolio is like a supermarket. Or there are many people who have only held a project for a few weeks, then read that another project is better and then jump in and out. There are also a lot of readers who read the information and panic, sell it young, and then regret it. So reading the information is very important and everyone needs to have their own opinion. **5/ Always keep the mindset and attitude of an investor** Many people say that they say hold, like “CTK 50$ I will sell OP 10$ I just closed : but when I saw the market go up A little bit is coin island, coin surfing. And you form bad habits that make you go from being an investor to being a speculator. And every day the amount of $ decreases, the coin becomes less and less due to jumping in and out…so it falls into a crisis. The more wrong, the more you want to get back the lost coins, the more you continue and the account splits more or less in the uptrend. At this time, many people blame themselves, bury their hair in their ears, slap their faces… of course, this cannot help them get back their lost coins. Remember that everyone’s mindset is a holder, long-term thinking should hold for the long term! **6/ Determine the final selling price **Finally, the most important thing is to take profits, if you hold a good project for a few years but don’t take profits, it’s meaningless, it’s a waste of effort. Having entered the crypto market, we all want to make a profit and from that profit can buy what we want. If we do not specify a specific price that we want to sell, it is like we are caught in an endless race. Without cashout, money is still just a number, set yourself a number with the potential of that project. Even if the peg doesn’t reach the top, don’t be sad or angry because at that time that’s what you want **Conclusion** *In short, there are many factors that affect our holding 1 coin coins in the long run. But the most important factor is in ourselves. We must have knowledge and define a long-term vision. The goal of success in this market is holding coins, not long / short on the exchange only a very few can do that and even Ryan himself once said that he makes money on spots, not margin. future*

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