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How to distinguish real and fake AirPods that you must know

## AirPods – one of the most popular and counterfeited accessories today, so how to distinguish real and fake AirPods? Currently, on the (market) ( there are many fake and fake AirPods with different prices, from a few hundred thousand to more than 1 million dong. The price depends on the quality as well as the meticulousness and sophistication of the imitation compared to the real thing. Superfake AirPods with more meticulousness and detail can be difficult for buyers, however, we can all check genuine AirPods and distinguish them with the naked eye thanks to the ways listed below. **first. Distinguishing fake AirPods through the box, packaging** Distinguishing fake AirPods through the box and packaging is the easiest way that you can check to avoid buying fake goods. As noted, both genuine AirPods headphones and fake AirPods headphones are designed with the same box and packaging as 90%. However, you can still recognize the real product through the following basic differences: The logo on the genuine box is embossed and smooth. While fake goods create a feeling of ripples when swiping on the logo. The back of the box of real AirPods has clear ink, moderate density, easy to read. As for the fake AirPods case, the ink is bold, smudged, even slightly smudged. When “smashing” the box, for genuine goods, the box is tight and a bit difficult to open, if not careful, it can tear the edge of the box. For fake AirPods, the box is usually looser and easier to open. In addition, the manual inside the AirPods box is also different from the information line on the back of the box. **2. Appearance Check** If you buy used AirPods, which usually don’t come with any packaging for you to check, you can still spot fakes by checking them out yourself. Go to Apple’s website and compare the 360 ​​degree AirPod animations with the AirPods you want to buy. If you find any discrepancies, like additional vents or misalignment holes, then you’re holding a fake set. Whether you’re buying AirPods 1, AirPods 2, or AirPods Pro, you can instantly spot a fake if it’s any color other than white, or has a button or status light on the headset. Another great trick to detect fake AirPods compared to the real thing is to look at the bottom of the body of the headset. The real AirPods have an oval diffuser, while most fakes make it round. Similarly, the real AirPods Pro don’t have a diffuser at all, but a lot of fake models still put it there. Most fake AirPods use cheaper materials than the official Apple ones, so they are often heavier than the real thing. If possible, use a scale to weigh both the AirPods and the charging case. Compare the results with the weights listed on the Apple Specifications page for those AirPods to check for genuine AirPods. **3. Check the serial number to distinguish real and fake AirPods** The most accurate way to distinguish real and fake AirPods is to verify the product’s Serial number. If you want to know if the AirPods box in your hand is fake, do the following steps: Step 1: Check the product’s serial number. The AirPods’ serial number can be located next to the barcode or on the cover of the charging case (right or left side of the lid). Alternatively, you can check the serial number by going to Settings and selecting the serial number. Step 2: Visit the website > Enter the serial number (Serial number) in the Enter your serial number box > Enter the verification code > Click Continue. Step 3: Wait for the results to be returned to the machine. If it is real AirPods, information related to the product will be displayed on the screen. **4. Connectivity Test** Real AirPods use Apple’s proprietary W1 or H1 chip to connect to your iPhone without having to go into Bluetooth settings. While some fake AirPods replicate this, they still don’t get the correct Bluetooth connection. All you need to do is put the headphones back in the case. Then open it next to your device. A connection animation will appear on the iPhone. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth. Tap the i button next to your AirPods, the real headphones will provide options to rename, change controls, and turn Auto Ear Detection on or off. Most fake AirPods just give you the options to Disconnect or Forget This Device. **5. How to check genuine AirPods through the feature** Real AirPods have a high price because in addition to the Apple brand exclusivity, the special features of AirPods also contribute to the high price in the Vietnamese market. How to check genuine AirPods through the feature is a method you should pay attention to when testing the product. Accordingly, the real AirPods will have the following features: You can use one side of the headset, the other side charges in the box to change alternately. Real AirPods will connect to Siri virtual assistant to simplify operation by voice. Direct connection to Apple products without you having to manually connect after first use. You can completely use one side of the AirPods and give the other side of the AirPods to others to use at the same time. For people with hard of hearing, hearing loss, AirPods can act as a temporary hearing aid. If you drop one of your AirPods, you can use the following method: Select Find My > turn on Find My iPhone > Send Last Location to search for the other headset. **6. Distinguish real and fake AirPods through the option in Settings** Distinguishing fake AirPods is possible through the option in Settings. Because usually fake AirPods have a lower finish than real AirPods, so fakes don’t have many customizations in settings, and real AirPods have a lot of options such as double tapping on AirPods, automatic ear detection. listen… Before deciding to buy any AirPods, check with the steps above to make sure you’re choosing the real thing.



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