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How to find Sharks and create a watchlist for a school of Sharks

I/ Look for news You can use the tool or listen to news about any wallet or project that will increase in price. – Case 1: Get information about the project. Too many Tools, bots to do this or you heard from someone a project and must have a clear Contract. About the tool I’m currently using Uniswap INSTANT Listings, I play ETH-based Memes, so I should use these 2 to know which project is born, and which one I will usually find Add LQ > 10 ETH >>> Get my project information check the price range sideway and I find shark wallets for me to save. – Case 2: Find out who is the buyer, how much ETH to buy, and which one to buy. In this case, I personally use the tool DECLIONS Trade Signals, this tool I find strong, because it updates information quickly and continuously. to find out. >>> Get the buyer’s wallet address, know how much it bought. >>> I check the time it bought, and then calculate how long it will take to x2 with the Marketcap level… II/ Save the Shark information and check the wallet, what does it have? This step, you know Onchain, you can search, but I can’t look at too much information both numbers and letters, then check many wallets and many projects at the same time, so I use BOT together. The Bot I use is Maestro Wallet Bot (This bot is great, it also has an auto Swap part, but it has too many functions on telegram, I’m wondering, what I understand all I can do is make a video to share), it helps Save the Shark wallet, can you check what it is holding? Keep how much? And how much Marketcap does that child have? In addition, it also has a quick chart view for each child, very convenient. III/ Cloning the School of Fish. My thinking is a project, there will be a school of fish to follow. So when I find a fish with a project, I use Dextools to find other fish, and I go back to step ( II ) so I can track all the fish. A few notes: – After the above steps, I have information about the wallet address of the fish playing Meme Coin in the ETH system, usually I will enter from $ 1E or more, rarely I choose lower. – When checking out the transaction wallet, help me check more carefully which wallet is its Fund wallet, because playing meme coin is easy to fly, so it will have a Fund wallet to keep money, then from it divide small wallets, We recommend checking out this step.

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