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How ​​to fix the situation of setting an alarm on iPhone but the alarm does not ring

# **How to fix the situation when you set an alarm on your iPhone but it doesn’t ring** **Someone must have felt strange when they set an alarm on their iPhone but the next morning the alarm didn’t go off, making you late for work. The reason is because of the following feature.** ## **Why doesn’t the alarm on iPhone go off?** Have you ever set an important alarm on your iPhone but then fell asleep because you didn’t hear the alarm sound at all? ringing or the sound is too low to wake you up? Doubtful that there is a problem with the sound settings, you go to check but are surprised to find that the volume bar in the “Alert and ringtone volume” section has been set to maximum. Why does the alarm feature on iPhone have problems? Surely this is a story that many people encounter. But don’t rush to blame Apple for poorly optimizing the alarm feature on the phone. Remember if you were holding your iPhone or more specifically looking at it when the alarm went off? Try the following experiment. Put your iPhone on the table and set a timer for 10 seconds then walk away. Surely you will find that the alarm volume is still very loud as usual and there are no unusual problems. So why does the alarm sound like normal at this time, but when I sleep, the alarm is not visible? That’s because you may have Attention Aware turned on. With this setting enabled, iPhone won’t dim the screen if it detects you’re looking at the screen, expands notifications when locked, and lowers the volume of some alerts. In other words, with Attention Aware on, if you’re looking at the iPhone screen or even just holding the phone, the volume will be lower than usual. If you want the ringtone to sound at the correct volume as set, turn this feature off. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode and enter your device’s passcode. Scroll down to the attention-aware features section and turn off the setting. After doing this, your timer and alarm will ring loud enough regardless of whether you’re holding the phone in your hand, staring at the screen, or setting it down on the table. In addition to the above reason, you can also fix the problem of the alarm not ringing by the following ways. ## **How ​​to fix iPhone alarms that won’t go off** Restarting is a common method with technology devices to fix minor problems and you can do the same with iPhone to see if fix the alarm not working problem. For alarms that are set but do not go off at the set time, you may not have set the correct date or time. For example, if you set the alarm to go off at 12:15 p.m. daily, and the alarm worked yesterday but didn’t go off today, chances are that the alarm isn’t set up to repeat. If your alarm goes off at the wrong time of day, chances are you’ve confused AM and PM. The easiest way to fix it is to set 24h Time mode on iPhone to avoid causing confusion. There are many reasons why an iPhone may not generate alarms correctly, including incompatibility after updating iOS. If there is a problem with the alarm after updating the software, delete it and reinstall it. Also, use only one alarm app on your iPhone. If you have multiple alarm applications, you may experience timer conflicts, even if the alarms in the applications do not sound. Stick with your iPhone’s default alarm clock app, or turn it off completely and use another app. Be aware, however, that third-party alarm clock apps aren’t fully integrated into the iPhone’s general settings. This means you’ll have to open the app for the alarm to sound, as well as use the system volume to adjust the alarm sound. For example, if the alarm clock doesn’t sound or the sound is too low in a third-party app, open the app (so it shows on the screen) and then use the volume buttons to increase the volume . Many users who have problem with alarm sound on iPhone are using too old iOS version. The problem can come from a software bug in the phone and this can only be fixed through an update from Apple.



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