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How ​​to get the most out of the camera on iPhone

# **How to get the most out of your iPhone’s camera** **A few tips such as optimizing light, changing shooting angle… will help photos taken with iPhone have the same quality as photos taken from a professional DSLR camera .** The camera on the iPhone is often appreciated for its impressive hardware and well-optimized software. With the iPhone 14 generation, improvements in processing capabilities or ProRAW mode can bring impressive photos. In addition, shooting tips such as “hacking” the light, changing the shooting angle, etc. will sometimes make a big difference. If you know how to take advantage of them, users can completely create professional, invested photos that are completely different from ordinary random photos. ## Choose the appropriate zoom mode When standing in front of a beautiful scene, users will usually choose between 3 modes: default shooting, wide angle and zoom. Each mode will be suitable for different types of landscapes. For example, if the scene only includes a main object such as a statue or a building and is surrounded by secondary objects such as trees, street lights, and signage, you should use 3x zoom mode to remove details. irrelevant, making the image composition messy. If necessary, back away from the subject a little and then zoom in so that the object appears fully in the frame. But sometimes the surrounding objects help to add information to the content and “fill” the image. Then, using the basic zoom mode will help you retain these details in the image. Or switch to wide-angle shooting mode will help you get more details around. But in order for the main details not to be blurred and fall into the frame, do not forget to get closer and find surrounding objects such as bouquets of flowers, rocks, etc. to arrange a reasonable composition. ## Take advantage of low-light shooting According to *Cnet*, one of the strengths of the iPhone 14 Pro is the improved image quality in low-light conditions. Therefore, users can take photos at any time of the day, not necessarily midday for the strongest natural light. Sunset and dawn are also two beautiful moments of the day, but many users are afraid of the lack of light. With iPhone 14, the device can handle it well. According to *Cnet*, if you want to take photos of the sunrise, you need to go to the intended location in advance to survey and see how the lighting conditions change over time. Then choose the best time for your photo. This will give you a more unique and well-rounded result. In addition, the iPhone 14 Pro is considered to have the best night mode on a smartphone currently when it can produce excellent night photos. Nightscapes with car lights, LED lights from buildings or glowing decorations are all the essentials for a perfect night shot. Even if it rains, you don’t need to worry because the wet lanes will help reflect the lights, making the photo more unique. ## Edit ProRAW files in post-production In addition to prepping a perfect shot, photo editing applications like Adobe Lightroom can also create an impressive snapshot, even completely transforming an ordinary photo, especially with RAW image formats like ProRAW on iPhone. This format helps to keep a lot of details, users are free to edit with professional software such as white balance, color correction. Lightroom is the most appreciated application by *Cnet* because it contains many different customizations from color, brightness, and image storage to the cloud, allowing users to continue editing on other devices such as iPads, MacBooks. In addition, you can also use Snapseed for color filters, movie photo effects, PicsArt to unleash your creativity, collage images… ProRAW mode can also help brighten or darken necessary image areas. such as “saving” photos that are burnt out due to the sky being too bright or brightening images that are too dark. To activate this mode, users open Camera, then tap the disabled Raw button in the upper right corner of the screen to turn on ProRAW.



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