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How ​​to get TikTok music as an alarm ringtone very quickly, simply and effectively

**Sometimes when surfing TikTok you will see some videos with great background music to set as alarms. But with TikTok you cannot download that song and set it as your alarm ringtone. So what to do? Let’s see it now (how to get TikTok music as alarm ringtone)( on (phone)( via the following article.** We need to install TikTok alarm ringtone** there is an MP3 audio file so please download the video first. **Find the video that you want to get the sound **to set the alarm ringtone, **click the share button **below the heart, comment, save,… then** press Save video** to download the video to your device. **Step 2**: Next, we will use a 3rd party tool to get the MP3 file from that video. I will leave the link for that tool below you can click for quick access. After successfully accessing the website of the tool, please **click Choose file > select the video you just downloaded >** wait a moment for the video to be uploaded to the platform** > press Convert **to start converting it to MP3 file **> **wait for the conversion to complete and then **press the blue Download button **to download the file. **Step 3**: Here I use a Xiaomi phone to do it, if you use another phone, you can also refer to it and do the same.** Click on the alarm that you want to change the ringtone** alarm** > choose to go to Additional settings** to be able to customize the alarm more deeply. **Step 4**:** Select next to Ringtone** to be able to choose and change ringtones. In addition to the basic ringtones, to be able to add the ringtone you just made, please ** immediately click on the All Ringtones section **. **Step 5**: Next, you will be redirected to the ringtone section theme app. Please** click on Choose ringtone on your device > File manager > select the MP3 file you just converted** and download **> press the OK button ** at the bottom of the screen. **Step 6**: After the song has been added to my ringtone, next **select the blue Apply button **behind the sound you created. Finally, just confirm it again by **pressing OK** in the next message that appears at the bottom of the screen. I wish you success in setting your favorite music as an alarm. Also, if you have any questions or difficulties, please let me know below in the comments section. Don’t forget to share the article if you find it useful. Thank you for reading this article.



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