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How to hide images on iPhone without an app

On iOS 16 version has changed some operations to hide images and videos, hide private image content to avoid being seen by others. The operation to hide images on iPhone for iOS 16 version is now not in the Share section as before, but switch to the Add section. The feature of hiding images is available on iPhone to help us quickly perform operations, without additional installation (an application to hide images on iPhone)( -video-tren-iphone-bang-safevault-160040). The following article will guide you to hide images on iPhone without an application. ## 1. Image tutorial on iOS 16 **Step 1:** We open the photo album on iPhone then click on the image or video that you want to hide. At the photo interface, click on the **3 dots icon**. Next in the display list we click on **Hide**. **Step 2:** Then you will be asked if you want to hide this image, we click on ** Hide image **. So the image is not displayed in the photo album anymore. You continue to work with other content. **Step 3:** We can also **hide multiple images and videos at once**. Open the album on the phone, then you** press the Select button ** and then tap on the **contents we want to hide**. **Step 4:** Next, click ** 3 dots icon ** in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then the user also **clicks Hide** in the displayed list. Now you are also asked if you are sure you want to hide these files, click **Hide** and you’re done.



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