How to install Bluetooth on laptop or PC

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Here am going to show you how to install Bluetooth on laptop or PC.Some persons can go well without using Bluetooth on their system, but there are some things you can not access with out Bluetooth, with the aid of Bluetooth it is more convenient.

How to install Bluetooth on laptop or PC

  • If you find out that your system don’t have in built Bluetooth, then you will need to install it, this process will not cost much. Get the following materials:
  • A quality USB hub or USB expansion card.
  • You will need USB Bluetooth adapter.
  • STEPS:
  • Install the Bluetooth dongle: if you are installing the kinivo on Windows 8or10, the process is simple plug it in. Windows involves the basic broadcom Bluetooth drivers required by dongle and will install them automatically when it recognize the new devices, when installing it on an earlier version of windows you have to install Bluetooth drivers.
  • Download the drivers from the manufacturer of the dongle which is Kinivo or from Broadcom the manfacturer of the actual Bluetooth radio in the device.
  • Download the version for the operating system (OS)
  • Note: here is how to know if you are running 32-bits or 64-bits windows, run the installer, then proceed to
  • Pairing your devices: when the dongle is installed you are to pair a device after dongle is inserted with approximate drivers, Bluetooth icon should appear in the system tray.
  • Then right click on the icon and chose add a Bluetooth device from the menu.
  • After making your selection Windows will communicate with the device for about half minutes then you device is available for use.
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