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> Hi guys! You want to invest in small projects that are initially unknown to many people, and then later on the project is listed on major exchanges like Binance, … and many people are interested because it gives huge profits. ? However, due to the large number of coins on the crypto market, finding coins is not easy. So in this article, I will give a few ways to identify projects that have a higher chance of listing Binance!! **I/ What is the upcoming project on Binance?** Currently on the crypto market, there are thousands of coins scattered on many different exchanges from small to large, from CEX to DEX exchanges. As you all know, Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world today, with high liquidity, an extremely large number of users and a place for investors or project owners of the All coins want to be listed on the floor. Project owners and their community of supporters are eager to be listed on the Binance exchange. Coins coming to Binance are coins that are in the preparation stage and are supported by Binance through coin support programs such as Binance Launchpad, Binance Launchpool. *** In addition, the coins that are coming to Binance are coins that are already available on other exchanges but are NOT available on Binance exchange and this is what we are interested in because if the project does not have a tokens then we will NOT be able to buy those coins from fundraising rounds.*** **II/ Why should we look for upcoming projects on Binance?** I think the answer must be everyone people already have. That is, we need to look for the coins that are about to go on the Binance exchange to find profits for ourselves. The reason is extremely easy to understand that Binance is currently the TOP1 exchange in the crypto market, leading in terms of the number of users, trading volume, number of visits, and liquidity. Therefore, when there is news that is about to be listed on the Binance exchange, the price will increase, and increase very strongly, if there is a trend / cash flow, it will increase for a long time. ***For example:*** GNS, MAGIC, LQTY are coins present on small exchanges such as Bitget, Gate, MEXC before that no one noticed much and when I did the analysis, I predicted the possibility. I will buy the coin with the highest percentage of Binance listing and then when there is news on the Binance list, the price will increase dramatically. About how to play projects like this, there is an article by admin Phan Dat, please review it ( IKKmqjEANagUcvfyhVCLEYeNZD1cSuq_G8w6RFIAwLKK-nSOzOaM1UF4uxd-VWbjGS8vFHnQGInZsEMhpgM3suW1wENPCXqQSsb3Lw&__tn__=-UK-R and how to find possible project list **III/ Binance.** **Step 1: Understand the conditions for a project to be listed on the Binance exchange** This is the most important factor for you to be able to search and classify the upcoming coin on Binance, from there You can invest in these coins and make a profit for yourself. To find the conditions and factors for a coin that is about to be listed on the Binance exchange, there is probably nothing better than the criteria for recruiting coins to the exchange of the owner of the Binance exchange – Changpeng Zhao (CZ). In the article 25 tips for a coin to be listed on the Binance exchange written by the owner of Binance himself, he shared all the conditions for a coin to be listed on the Binance exchange. **(How to Get Your Coin Listed on ?fbclid=IwAR1u-t4xseBsYS445WZrFuzE-tort7fQs8CQ3PK3pltm_GeYligN82laOv4)** **( =IwAR1PgfdK_1dQCCbpdGvypgn6yHK-I4Un8wmkgaUYK-wuA-0_DytPxZe951Q)** **Step 2: Assess market situation and current projects. **Looking at how the case was previously listed as LQTY, MAGIC, GNS or most recently PEPE, FLOKI INU, I draw the following conclusions: * Must consider the general situation of the market to see the array. Which trend/narrative the money flow is booming and the project must be really good because the censorship step of Binance exchange is very strict (take steps to research the project ***pay attention to the partner***) * Find the leading project, the most prominent in that trend/narrative. For example, PEPE is the lead trending meme this season, the trading volume is very high, Binance needs to list it to pull users to the floor, the volume alone has helped the exchange have a huge revenue. * Find projects that the floor or related things that the exchange is in need of such as the BUSD case, the floor will find new projects related to these narratives. ⇒LQTY is listed. * Find related big news projects such as tokens of the Arbitrum ecosystem to see which projects are outstanding + the above criteria are likely to be listed as high as GMX, MAGIC. In the near future, when LayerZero releases tokens, I predict that I will look for the most prominent projects in this field to buy before it lists the floor. For example, the 3 most recent memes that I predict have the highest probability of listing Binance are PEPE, WOJAK, BOB. Conducting analysis, PEPE has the highest transaction volume of the 3 children, PEPE is also greatly supported by the crypto community. In addition, PEPE’s partner Yuga Labs is extremely ***rich*** ⇒ PEPE is the lead trending meme ⇒ PEPE is the most likely to be listed on Binance. You can check the trading volume of the coins at Coinmarketcap and Coingecko (Figure 1) * Checking the Twitter pages of CZ and Binance Labs to see if they follow and interact with any projects is also a way to increase the rate. rates are listed. * Conducting an onchain check of smartmoney wallets because there will be people who know in advance, inside information is also a way to find projects with a listing rate on Binance. Those who know checking onchain and smart money wallet will be a strong plus. How to find internal insider wallet, everyone can read this article again to understand: ( /ryanvanhungnguoiban/permalink/528313269449056/?__cft__%5B0%5D=AZVJnBN8yFg9HT8SydDnPXxFBjv6DliXeUs1dBm-JEe1UVVUmR8WkN9CSF554uFxKIKKIKJA9Ge5U UcvfyhVCLEYeNZD1cSuq_G8w6RFIAwLKK-nSOzOaM1UF4uxd-VWbjGS8vFHnQGInZsEMhpgM3suW1wENPCXqQSsb3Lw&__tn__=-UK-R) **Step 3: Do a project search** running on BSC systems **1/ * We all know that dapps running on Binance Smart Chain platform will have a higher chance of getting listed on Binance exchange than other projects. But most of what I see with projects running on BSC, most are listed Launchpad, Launchpool is mainly apart from participating in those two, there is no way we can buy it early and wait for it to list Binance. ⇒ ( iUgdzM- cnWmW-aR29UCX2C8pVxBejlTbmsSdEzu98dnllHQ78eKrmi34WeG2zKbbIQQcE6W3KC5whA4ExJvc1m4gYksvmaeAHuR195RcCDfV4vbDLrKuadnsQ&R8Fjb__UK0 0%5D=AT3HgeNZLMeg1-xSRbx6ZehyJ4Jz4NqO93fsTtiGhrq_WGmfD_-XWNAlyO4pDmAzOTgM-xg-ecVeRUoCEt-PCdAZEQJaJGMlzCoiBca_UWtfWlho2ZMARCrZkm02ZMARCrZkmO2Sn1FNKO2Sn1F Jm98D5sRX6nmqCemLJ4ZiyQG-iaO20GmD-GP5vBcCm9csHePGTX92ejMxHcG9E0) DefiStation is a TVL (Total Value Lock) chart statistics channel of the Defi platform running on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network Typically, some coins such as CAKE, Auto Farm, Venus (XVS), Ellipsis Finance, etc. are all coins on Binance Smart Chain platform with trading volume. Major translations, which can be viewed on DefiStation, are listed on Binance. (pay attention to prioritize dapps that only run ***only** on BSC systems :> ) **2/ High TVL dapps/protocols **Find trending dapps/protocols/reports of cash flow , the most prominent in that array + combining the factors analyzed above, I look for the projects with the highest probability of being listed on Binance ⇒ ***Find the projects with the highest TVL***: You go to Defillama → Sort items by TVL from large to small → Conduct the analysis as above. (Figure2) **3/ Projects with a lot of interest **Find projects with a lot of interest ⇒ high volume + combine the above factors to search. Normally, I will use the social tool tools of the website ***Lunacrush***, look for any project that leads the trend to see if it is in the top trending that many people are interested in, that is a way to find the project. has a high rate of being listed on Binance. (Figure3) **IV/ Where can I buy these projects? **Reading this far, people will surely ask, how do you know where these projects are purchased? In fact, to find and analyze such projects is very difficult and requires good research ability, but if they do this, they will know where it is sold. (Figure 4) For newbies who do not know where to buy, you can go to Coinmarketcap, or Coingecko → Search and select the project you want to know → Click on the Market item. (As shown in picture 4, for example, SAKAI coin, it is only listed on MEXC floor) Priority should be given to choosing exchanges with high trading volume *** because there is high liquidity ⇒ avoiding the problem of price slippage.

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