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How ​​to know if iPhone screen is original?

# **How to know if iPhone screen is original?** **iPhone is considered a turning point in technology, so many people try to own one for themselves, whether bought new or new. Used iPhones.** Many people who buy used iPhones have thoroughly inspected certain components, such as the screen. The screen is one of the most fragile parts of an iPhone, which is why this has to be done. There’s one thing you can do to check if the screen of a used iPhone for sale is genuine: take a close look at the screen. When examining your iPhone’s screen, pay attention to the corners and edges. If you see any signs of damage, the screen may be a third-party part. In this article, we will go into detail on how to check iPhone screen to see if it is original screen. ## **Screen Test** When you test your iPhone screen, try to check the corners and edges of the screen. Watch for any signs of cracking, brittleness or even scratches. If you double-check your iPhone’s screen, you can tell if it’s a genuine Apple or third-party part. But don’t expect to find any visible signs of cracks or damage on the screen because the iPhone’s screen is covered with a layer of glass to protect it. You should also check the edges of the iPhone screen. If you’re examining a used iPhone SE, you’ll likely notice slight color differences between the screen and the edges. Most third-party iPhone screens or refurbished iPhones are white or slightly yellow. **Notifications** It’s easier to verify your iPhone’s screen if it’s an iPhone 11 or 12. These models will automatically display a warning if they detect that the screen is a replacement screen. non-genuine, saying “Important display message: Could not verify this iPhone has a genuine display”. The good thing about this warning is that it doesn’t affect the iPhone’s functionality. In addition, it also does not affect your phone usage. ## **Use a light source** In addition to looking at the screen, you can use a portable light source, such as a flashlight, to check if your iPhone’s screen is genuine. Simply shine the light on the screen and closely observe the reflection of the light on the screen. Genuine iPhone screens will not have grid lines throughout, while non-genuine screens will have grid lines. ## **Other signs that the iPhone screen is not genuine** In addition to the warning mentioned earlier, there are other signs that the screen of the iPhone is not genuine: – Brightness, balance white level and color depth are significantly different from the original display of the device. – The display is significantly less responsive. – The screen is slightly opaque and brighter than the original. – The screen is smaller than the original. – There is intermittent flickering when the screen is in use. Testing your iPhone’s screen is relatively easy, but you should take it seriously. This is because a damaged screen can affect its overall appearance. iPhone screens are expensive, that’s why you should make sure you own an original iPhone screen.



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