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How to properly charge your phone using a computer

Many people often have a habit of charging their phones with a computer. ut not everyone knows how to properly charge a phone with a computer.

Charging a phone with a laptop is the process of connecting a phone to a laptop with a charging cable. Through a USB A or USB C port on a computer. This process uses the computer’s power and output to refill the phone’s battery.

To protect the safety of phone devices. It is best to limit the use of a computer to charge the phone battery. If you can still do the traditional charging method, do not charge the battery with a computer. Unless you don’t have another phone charger, you should choose this charging method.

However, charging the phone battery with a laptop also needs to be done properly to limit the damage to the battery. Here’s how to properly charge your phone using a computer.

Do not unplug the phone as soon as the battery is full

When charging your phone with a computer. If the device indicates that the battery is 100% full, do not rush to unplug it immediately. Plug it in for another 30 minutes. The reason is, the actual charging capacity with a computer is only about 95%. So if you keep plugging it in for a little longer, it will help your phone battery last longer and help prolong battery life.

Pay attention to the laptop’s battery

Make sure your laptop has enough battery left to make the phone power supply more stable.

Do not plug the phone next to the computer cooling fan

This will prevent the phone from heating up during the charging process.

Charge your phone with a trusted computer

If you need to charge your phone, you should choose a reliable computer to plug it in to avoid the risk of your phone getting infected with a virus.

Using the computer charging method, users need to make sure to choose a reliable computer to charge the battery. In fact, viruses can enter from the computer to the phone. When connecting the phone to the computer with a USB cable.



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