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How ​​to quickly create an org chart in PowerPoint that you may not know

**You have trouble making an organization chart because it takes too much time, you have to do each box but they are not even and aesthetically pleasing, not to mention the positions and personnel in the company are many. So this article helps you to know (how to create an org chart in PowerPoint)( on (computer)( in just a few minutes, let’s see**In a PowerPoint** **Text Box** and **list** all positions in order in the company > After listing, press **Tab** with smaller positions, namely the highest position remains the same, the smaller positions will gradually recede **1** **Tag** compared to the above position. **Step 2:** After you have finished entering and formatting, you will click on that **Text Box** > select **Covert to SmartArt** and select **icon** as shown below to create a smart diagram. **Step 3:** After clicking on the icon above, your data will be sorted according to what you format. If you want to change, just select the other diagram templates in ** Design tab** only. So now that you know one more trick with creating an org chart in just a few seconds, you don’t have to worry about encountering them anymore, right? Hopefully the above article will help you better understand PowerPoint to make your work easier and save more time.



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