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How ​​to reduce annoying notifications on iPhone

# **How to reduce annoying notifications on iPhone** **If using iPhone for a long time, users should clean up unnecessary or rarely used applications, contacts, and settings to avoid annoying notifications. data “overload” on iPhone.** If you’ve been using iPhone for a while, you may have encountered many times with annoying and distracting notifications such as the device running out of space, or other kinds of notifications from apps. that you don’t really care about. Normally, users often delete unused applications to clean up and free up iPhone memory. But few people know that iOS has its own tool to assist users in this. ## Clean up unused apps To access the tool, go to **Settings > General > iPhone Storage (iPhone Storage)**. Here, users will see a list of all the applications on the device along with a chart illustrating the amount of space each application is occupying and last used. This information will help users in choosing the application to delete. In each application, iOS will give users 2 options: delete completely or just offload, ie temporarily remove without deleting app data. If you choose to offload, the user can reload the application at any time from the App Library and any history or changes inside the app will be preserved. You can also enable automatic offloading of rarely used apps when the memory is full by going to **Settings (Settings) > General (General) > iPhone Storage (iPhone Storage)** and turning on the Uninstall option. unused application. With Apple Music, this application also displays a list of songs stored on the device sorted by artist and album name, making it easier for users to select songs to delete. Meanwhile, the default Messages app also has a separate section containing received files. Users can see the amount of space that photos, videos, GIFs from messages are taking up, especially files that take up a lot of memory. ## Many other features should also be cleaned regularly Users can set iOS to automatically delete old messages and attachments by going to **Settings>Messages**, under section **Message History** select **Keep Messages**. By default, the application will save messages forever, users can change it to 30 days or a year depending on needs. Besides, contacts are also an item that needs to be cleaned up regularly. iPhone will help you list duplicate contacts, but the rest is up to you to decide which phone numbers to keep or delete so you don’t miss important contacts. Users should also regularly check notification settings because notifications from applications will cause the device to run out of battery quickly and even distract from work. Since iOS 15 onwards, Apple has added the ability to customize notifications, schedule notifications to appear at specific times of the day. Go to Settings > Notifications > Scheduled Summary** and enable this option. Once activated, users can adjust the notification time of each application according to their needs. The notification scheduling feature will save users from having to check notifications often and be distracted by them. Instead, they will receive notifications at the same time at certain times of the day to make it easier to manage. In addition, you can also set up notification schedules for each application. Another available feature that helps users control app notifications on iPhone is Focus Mode, which allows users to customize Do Not Disturb mode for different times or apps. They are free to decide who and which applications are notified. To customize their own focus mode, users go to **Settings (Settings) > Focus (Focus)**. Here, users can choose one of the pre-made modes or choose Custom to create their own. If you create a new focus mode, users can choose which apps and contacts are allowed to be notified when this mode is enabled. At the bottom Options section, you can also choose whether silent notifications will show on the lock screen or customize the home screen to only show certain apps when Focused Mode is on.



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