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How ​​to register for license plates on Zalo with just 5 easy steps right on your phone

**One of the first things you need to do after buying a new car is to register for a license plate. But if you are too busy and have little time to go to the authorities to register, then in the next article, let’s see it right away (how to register for license plates on Zalo)(https://www.thegioididong.com/tin-tuc/cach-dang-ky-cap-bien-so-xe-tren-zalo-1537285) by (phone number)**#plate number https://www. Zalo** **Step 1**: First, open the Zalo application on your phone and on the search section, find yourself the OA of the Tan Phu District Police – HCMC**. Next,** click on the blue Interested** button in the main interface of OA. **Step 2**: You will be redirected to the chat interface with this OA. Pay attention to the feature list above the message text input. It will have an item called BCA Public Service Portal, click on it. Find and select the item **Registration, Management of road motor vehicles**. **Step 3**: There will be a list of procedures related to vehicles. To apply for a new license plate, please select for yourself in **Register for license plate for the first time (done at the provincial level)**. Then **click on the red Submit button** in the information interface of the procedure after you are sure of all the information of the procedure. **Step 4**: Soon you will see the sequence of steps of this procedure. Read carefully to know how to perform the detailed steps. Then** click on the Submit Online button**. Then, **select the type of vehicle you want to register as a motorbike or a car**. **Choose imported or locally assembled vehicle**. **Enter the ex-factory quality check serial number and LPTB Document Code**. Then select **Look up vehicle information**. **Step 5**: In the next interface, please check the information given by the system, **check all information**. Once it’s completely correct, **click Submit Declaration**. Finally, **prepare Owner’s Documents, Vehicle Registration Certificate, **Vehicle Ownership Transfer Documents, Registration Fee Documents, Vehicle Origin Documents** **and bring the vehicle** to the vehicle registration office and receive an appointment to return the vehicle registration certificate, pay the vehicle registration fee and receive the license plate. Wishing you success. Let me know your questions as well as difficulties in the process of using it below in the comments section. Don’t forget to share the article if you find it useful. Thank you for reading this article.



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