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How ​​to register for permanent residence on Zalo helps you get confirmation of permanent residence faster

**Currently, the state has allowed people to apply for permanent residence online through popular applications and websites to save more time for people. In this article, I will give you one more guide (how to register for permanent residence on Zalo) (https://www.thegioididong.com/tin-tuc/cach-dang-ky-thuong-tru-tren-zalo-1537283) so that you can immediately apply for a permanent residence permit on (phone)(https://www.thegioididong.com/dtdd with your main interface*** Start with your own interface*** to register for a permanent residence on Zalo). Zalo application on your phone, in the search box, please ** find yourself the OA of the Tan Phu District Police – HCM**. The correct result will be OA as shown below, **click Interested in this OA**. **Step 2**: After pressing Interested, you will be redirected to the chat interface of OA and above the message input box, there will be feature options. In which there is 1 **item is the BCA Public Service Portal, select it **. Then find and click on **Registration, Residence Management**, this will be where the procedures for residence management are located. **Step 3**: Here to proceed with permanent residence registration, please find and **click on the procedure for permanent residence registration**. As soon as you select it, you will be redirected to the information interface of this permanent residence registration procedure, read to understand the information of the procedure. Once you know the information you need, go back to the top and **continue to click on the red Submit Application button. **Step 4**: **Fill in all your information in the blank boxes, especially the ones marked with a red ***, you can’t skip it somewhere. After filling in all the information, the next thing you need to do is ** click the tick in front of the words I am responsible before the law for the above statement ** and then ** select the button Record and submit the file ** in red is done. Wait for the results to be sent via email or your Public Service Portal account. I wish you success and get yourself the necessary information. If in the process of using and implementing there are any difficulties, please do not hesitate to tell me in the comments section below. Along with that, please share this article with everyone so everyone knows.



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