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How ​​to save battery for iPad

# **How to save battery for iPad** **The battery life of iPad will decrease after a long time of operation, users can apply the following ways to prolong the use time of the device.* * ## **Check actual battery capacity.** Unlike iOS on iPhone, iPadOS does not have built-in battery capacity check feature (Battery Health). Users can download apps to their computers such as coconutBattery 3 or iMazing 2, then connect to an iPad to view the parameters. If you want to test on tablet, go to **Settings** > **Privacy & Security** >** Analytics & Improvements** > **Analytics** > open the file named “Analytics” -xxx” with the nearest date. In the next screen, scroll to the bottom and find the line “last_value_MaximumCapacityPercent”, the value behind is the remaining percentage of the battery. ## **Check battery-intensive apps**. On iPad, go to **Settings** > **Battery** to check which apps used the most battery in the last 24 hours or 10 days. If the text “Background activity” appears, it means that the application is running in the background causing battery consumption. You can track your battery usage hour by hour by clicking the corresponding column on the graph. In addition, the device will suggest some actions to help extend battery life. ## **Enable battery saving mode**. According to *9to5Mac*, this is a quick solution to prolong battery life, especially when the iPad is running low on battery but can’t be charged immediately. Users can enable this mode from Control Center, or go to **Settings**> **Battery**> **Low power mode**. After activation, some features such as email updates, background applications will be turned off, screen brightness reduced, refresh rate to 60 Hz to save battery. ## **Reduce screen off time**. In the battery-consuming application statistics section, if the “Main MH & Locked MH” item accounts for a high percentage, users can lower the brightness and shorten the screen off time. To adjust this, go to **Settings** > **Display & Brightness** >** Auto-Lock**, then adjust the time accordingly. Reducing the brightness is also an effective solution, but this operation can affect the experience of using the device. ## **Use Magic Keyboard reasonably**. If connected to Magic Keyboard, iPad will drain battery quickly due to having to power the keyboard. Many reviews show that the battery drain is not too great, but some people report a higher-than-expected battery “draining” rate. If this is the case, the pen of *9to5Mac* shares the experience of folding the keyboard when not in use to save more battery. ## **Temperature also affects the battery**. According to Apple, the ideal room temperature for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch to work is 0-35 degrees Celsius. Temperatures exceeding 35 degrees Celsius can “permanently damage battery capacity,” while below zero degrees. C will temporarily reduce battery life. In addition to keeping the iPad in a suitable environment, users should remove the case if the device feels too hot when charging or using it with normal apps. ## **Turn off unnecessary background apps**. Users can customize which apps are allowed to run in the background by going to **Settings**> **General settings** > **Background App Refresh**. This feature allows apps like Facebook, Chrome, Spotify to update data even when minimized. Swipe to turn off unnecessary apps, or go to **Background App Refresh** to only allow background running when iPad is on a Wi-Fi network. ## **Disable location and 4G**. Go to **Settings**> **Privacy & Security** > **Location Services**. In the next screen, turn off **Location Services** to disable GPS for all apps, or scroll down to adjust usage permissions for individual apps. Also, in **Settings**> **Cellular Data**, users can turn off **Cellular Data** feature if the surrounding area has Wi-Fi network, which helps prolong battery life for iPad. ## **Adjust email update frequency**. Go to **Settings** > **Mail** > **Accounts** > **Fetch New Data**. For important accounts, keep **Push** mode to keep emails updated automatically and continuously. For less important accounts, set update mode to **Manual**, or **Fetch** for fixed scheduled updates.



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