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How to send an On-Chain message?

## **Understanding ON-CHAIN ​​MESSAGES** On-chain messaging allows users of the Ethereum network to send messages to each other by embedding this message in transactions. These messages will be permanently stored on the Blockchain and can be read by anyone. ## **Which TOOL TO SEND ON-CHAIN ​​MESSAGES?** Common tools include Etherflow, Ethereum Message, or you can build your own dApp dedicated to sending messages. ## **WRITE AND SEND MESSAGE ON-CHAIN** Compose message > Enter recipient address > Send message. Seems pretty easy, right? ## **READ ON-CHAIN ​​MESSAGES** Use a tool, dApp, or an explorer like Etherscan to find the message sent to your wallet address. ## **ACTION: WE WILL USE METAMASK Wallet and POLYGON NETWORK TO SEND MESSAGE** * Step 1: Open MetaMask & Click Settings * Step 2: Enable “Show Hex Data Option” button * Step 3: Transfer text to HEX format, you can search for an online converter (text to hex) or use this site www. rapidtables. com/ convert/ number/ ascii-to-hex.html) and convert Text to Hex code, then copy this hex for later use. * Step 4: Now click on ‘Send’ and select the recipient address. At this transaction page, paste the Hex code just now, remember to add ‘0x’ at the beginning (see screenshot). * Step 5: Then, now just press “Send”, the message will be sent. To view content details, click ‘Click to Show More’ on Polygonscan. Go to ‘Input Data’, convert the data to UTF-8 as shown in the screenshot. And… Boom! Congratulations! Your message has been sent and blockchain is pleased to store your message for generations to come, children can still read it 😀

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